Ten Fictional Characters I Wish I Could Date

As a 22-year-old Greenwich Village student, you’d think finding a boyfriend would be easy. After four years of bar-hopping, coffee shops, art galleries, walks in central park, and attending college, you’d think that I would have found someone who makes the never-ending work day worthwhile. Wrong. The only thing I come home to is my full size bed adorned with red and black fluffy pillows and stacks of romance novels like Twilight and Wuthering Heights piled up right next to my laptop, with Netflix open and ready to play the next Romantic Comedy featuring a Strong Female Lead.

1.  Ron Weasley from Harry Potter. He’s the only guy with red hair that’s been able to turn me on. I don’t need a hero like Harry. The sidekick always has more issues. More issues equals more mind games. And who doesn’t love those?

2.  Eric Northman from True Blood. Well, if you’ve ever watched an episode of the show, you’d have seen him naked, and there’s really no further explanation. And he’s a vampire, which also needs no further explanation. Hurry up, June. I just know season 5 will bring a lot more naked Eric.

3.  Tim Riggins from Friday Night Lights. He was drunk every minute of consciousness and still managed to be the best fullback on the football team. He and my ex-boyfriend have three major similarities: Long, messy locks, few words to say, and a felony on their permanent record.

4.  Jim Halpert, from The Office. He has the best sense of humor and even when he was dating someone way hotter than Pam, he still couldn’t get over her. And by the seventh season, she even convinced him to totally settle down with a house and a baby. Every guy I go out with runs at the mention of a third date.

5.  Dexter Morgan from Dexter. Because why would I not want to date a serial killer?

6. Dallas Winston from The Outsiders. He used to be in a gang and has violent tendencies, which means he’s probably amazing in bed (see number 3 for ex-boyfriend references).

7.  Macbeth from Macbeth. He’s not a pussy like Romeo and he is way more stable than Hamlet. And Lady Macbeth runs the show in that castle. It’d be nice to be in charge for once.

8. Holden Caulfield from Catcher in the Rye. Who doesn’t want to save a lost soul? He’s full of teen angst, hates most other human beings (besides his little sister, which makes him sensitive) and he’s vulnerable. It’s all very endearing.

9. The Underground Man from Notes From the Underground. He hates the world, everybody in it, and is the only person I know that’s more cynical than I am. The after sex conversations would blow my mind. Or he might just ask me to leave, sort of like the last guy I slept with. That’s probably why it was a one night stand.

10. Jordan Catalano from My So-Called Life. Hello! Long hair, leather jacket, popular, rebellious, and on the brink of being expelled. And he writes songs that reveals his emotional capacity. So what if he can’t read that well? It’s not like the things I’d want to do with him involve books anyway. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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