20 Struggles Only Tall Girls Understand


1. You are taller than the majority of boys on the earth, which may or may not affect your dating life, but probably will.

2. Everyone assumes you’re older and thus expects more out of your behavior.

3. Strangers feel comfortable approaching you about your height and asking you personal questions.

4. You can only share clothes with other super talls.

5. People call you “Amazon Woman” and mean it.

6. Every skirt is a mini skirt.

7. People assume you’re good at basketball.

8. And volleyball.

9. And sports in general.  If you aren’t very athletic, you’re letting everyone down and not living up to your height potential.

10. You have had the discomfort of showering a la Buddy the Elf.

11. You have had the discomfort of sitting in the backseat of a car/permanently cramping your legs.

12. You’re always seen in pictures, whether or not you’d like to be.

13. Sometimes in those pictures you’re standing next to 5’2” sister-in-laws and you look like an ogre.

14. You were that girl in dance/soccer/basketball that stood on the back row of pictures and people said, “Wow, is she in the wrong age group?” and “Poor tall girl who can’t dance.”

15. When you took gymnastics they had to switch the height of the vault when you came up, “Everybody out of the way, it’s Jill again!”

16. When you wear heels people come up to you and say, “Did you know you’re really tall?” like this is groundbreaking news and they are the first to think of it.

17. Good luck finding a maxi dress that doesn’t show off your full ankle and part of your calf.

18. Oh and there was no way you had luck finding pants circa early 2000s when they needed to be longgggg.

19. You rarely if ever feel petite, which isn’t something that ruins your life or anything, but would be nice on occasion.

20. Airplanes. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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