13 Signs A Girl Is Way Too Into Her Sorority

Mind you, this is coming from a girl who pretty much does half of these things, too.
The House Bunny
The House Bunny

1. She can’t travel anywhere without taking a picture with the hand sign.  Nevermind the incredible view she’s missing out on; as long as the back of her head and jumbled fingers are caught on camera, all is right in the world.

2. She won’t even bother going to class without her letters visible in at least three places: on her norts, an event t-shirt, a backpack button, a water bottle sticker, a laptop decal, branded flip flops, or all of the above.

3. Her Instagram bio has to include her affiliation and she makes every effort to post #why[Insert Greek Letters Here]wednesdsay each and every hump day.

4. Every single story she tells is about her “sister.”  After a considerable amount of time is spent questioning just how fertile her parents were, you realize she has just altogether ditched the label of “friend” in her vocabulary.

5. And the words “big” and “little” take on entirely new meanings, as well.

6. She holds like seven positions within her sorority because A) she is oh so dedicated to each and every aspect of the organization and B) there are infinite positions to be had: slideshow chair, mixers chair, date night chair, chore monitor…the list goes on and on.  It’s like the neighborhood swim league where everyone is awarded with a participation trophy to feel important.

7. She will never pass up a chance to approach a complete stranger wearing her letters: whether it be a girl from another school wearing an event t-shirt at the mall or a 75-year-old woman sporting some kind of affiliation at the airport, she finds undeniable pride in the all-inclusive sisterhood.

8. She lives and breathes for recruitment, the most wonderful season of the year.

9. Speaking of recruitment, she spends the majority of her summer stalking potential new members and seeking out the best girls to “dirty rush.”

10. Another week, another glitter-filled quote canvas/decorated coffee mug/painted cardboard cut-out with her letters.

11. Not only is her car branded, but her mom plasters “[Insert Greek Letters Here] Mom” bumper stickers on HER car.  Like, is there a reason these even exist? 

12. She can’t do anything alone.  Going to the dining hall?  Going for a run?  Thank God there’s a pledge class group text for that.

13. She still proudly wears her letters 5 years post-grad…the socials may end but the bond will never die. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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