The Man I Actually Want To Be With

After reading “The Woman I Actually Want To Be With”, I was surprisingly happy. Honestly, I was hoping for the best, but expecting the worse. I was expecting a column about the perfect woman. I’d say a mix of Barbie and Mrs. Cleaver. Much to my relief, it was contemporary, sweet, and realistic. Yet, there was still something missing. Between the original piece Joseph Rauch was referring to and his very own piece, we still do not have a woman’s perspective. Mind you, I’m not trying to create the next feminist headline. Instead, I’m allowing men to realize since we are not Barbie nor Mrs. Cleaver, we (well, most of us) are not expecting a Ken or Prince Charming.
Basheer Tome
Basheer Tome

I want a man who doesn’t play hard to get. A man who responds to my text message shortly after he reads it, rather than intentionally ignoring it and responding two hours later.

I want a man who is a go-getter and strives to achieve success in his career. I want a man who doesn’t assume I’m only supportive of his goals so I can enjoy his salary.

I want a man who will hold me when I cry and comfort me until I settle down. I want a man who will bring me back to reality, remind me how good I have it, and reassure me everything will be okay.

I want a man who is not fazed after I finish what seems to be a never-ending Chipotle burrito bowl and doesn’t expect me to go to the gym after.

I want a man to tell me I look beautiful because, after all, I dressed up for him.

I want a man who can’t keep his hands off of me and looks forward to our time spent in bed together.

I want a man who values family. I want a man who can create a healthy balance of both his family and his career.

I want a man who I can trust. So much, that even bachelor parties in Vegas don’t intimidate me.

I want a man who isn’t afraid to admit he wants to get married someday. Not tomorrow, but someday.

I want a man who can teach me new things. I want him to have in-depth conversations with me that stimulate my mind and broaden my sense of culture.

I want a man who will watch me fall flat on my face in a crowded room, yet continue to reassure me no one saw until I actually start to believe it. I want a man that will laugh with me and know I’m not perfect.

I want a man who realizes he cannot be perfect, either. I want a man whose ego doesn’t get in the way.

I want a man who encourages me to build my career. A man who does not expect me to be less ambitious because I’m going to be a mom someday.

I want a man who doesn’t have to tell me he loves me, but shows me. I want a man who shows me by giving me Advil to help my headache, handing me an umbrella because he knows it will rain this afternoon, or by making sure I made it home safely. I want a man who knows actions speak louder than words. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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