19 Men On What They Wish Their Girlfriends Knew About Them


It’s funny. For some reason, I can’t get my boyfriend to express himself like I can get my best friend to express herself. When I ask my best friend what her plans are for this weekend, I can expect a full breakdown of her itinerary. When I ask my boyfriend what he’s doing this weekend, he briefly fills me in with his plans to watch the hockey game Saturday night.

When I ask my best friend where she sees herself in ten years, she will explain everything to the paint color in her future kitchen. When I ask my boyfriend where he sees himself in ten years, well, that’s a different story. Apparently, he will be the CEO of a Fortune 500 company with a three million dollar signing bonus.

As much as I like that he shoots for the stars, I wish I could find out more to the story. Maybe pick his brain for a few minutes. This time I’m not curious about his plans for the weekend, but what he is thinking in regards to our relationship.

After posting “15 Women On What They Wish Their Boyfriends Knew About Them,” I realized it takes two to tango. It’s not just women that need to express themselves, but men feel the same way.

So, I asked a group of 20-something guys to share their “What I Wish My Girlfriend Knew” thoughts. Let me tell you, I had a blast reading the responses. And believe it or not, I did learn a thing or two.

So, ladies, start taking some mental notes!

1. Bryan, 23

“It doesn’t bother me you don’t like football.”

2. Matt, 23

“Not everything in life has to be planned. There are new adventures and good times ahead that do not require weeks of planning.”

3. John, 23

“Don’t over think what we say. We say exactly what we mean. And on that note, please help us out and say exactly what you mean, we can’t translate woman speak.”

4. Jeremy, 23

“Independence is sexy. We love girls who know what they want, and go get it.”

5. Doug, 23

“Apologies go a long way.”

6. David, 22

“I wish she knew that I actually enjoy having serious conversations.”

7. Eric, 23

“Don’t assume if we don’t text/call back immediately we are mad. We might be doing something away from our phone. If we are mad there is a better chance we do respond immediately.”

8. Marcus, 23

“We like doing sappy romantic stuff as much as girls do.”

9. Jason, 24

“Yes, I am always down.”

10. Carl, 24

“When I’m hungover, I don’t want to cuddle.”

11. Paul, 25

“I don’t always know what you’re thinking.”

12. Dan, 24

“Just because I forgot to call before I went to bed does not mean I’m cheating on you.”

13. Alex, 24

“I wish she knew that I don’t always know why she’s mad and/or why I made her mad. TELL ME if I do something unfavorable. A woman’s mind is sooo complex. Do not expect us to always know what’s on your mind. Communication works both ways.”

14. Jeff, 23

“Every person has their idea of a perfect relationship, but when things don’t go as we planned, don’t freak out. Part of a relationship is working together. Teamwork makes the dream work.”

15. Ben, 24

“Stop taking all the blankets.”

16. Paul, 23

“Indecision is not as cute as most might think. Usually it’s on us to pick things out, but if you have a preference, please tell us.”

17. Steve, 23

“If you know we are having a rough day, sometimes we just need space and someone to help us forget about it. Don’t interrogate us and try to dig into our feelings. Sometimes all we need is a hug and to forget about our day.”

18. Cameron, 24

“When I’m at work, I can’t respond to all the dog pictures you send me individually so don’t get mad.”

19. Trent, 24

“Just because I don’t say it constantly aka as much as you want, doesn’t mean I don’t love you.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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