15 Women On What They Wish Their Boyfriends Knew About Them

Lauren Hammond
Lauren Hammond

As girls, we share everything. There is rarely a filter to our thoughts or hesitation to the stories we tell. We love to talk and share stories from our day with our family, friends, and of course our boyfriends.

Sometimes, I feel bad for the guy. I talk and talk and talk and he listens then follows the conversation with a few “uh-huh” and “that’s funny” responses. Go ahead, ask my boyfriend what I did today. I’m sure he would be able to tell you. If he cannot recall my schedule from the top of his head, he will have it documented in his text messages from me.

I can’t help it! I can hardly wait to share good news from my day with him and you bet if something bad happens, I will have him on the phone to vent and maybe even cry.

As much as girls like to talk, we don’t actually tell our boyfriends everything. Sometimes, our happiness and good news is because of them. Sometimes, our frustration and venting sessions are also because of them. Yet, we keep our mouths shut. We realize we are unfortunately not living in a Nicholas Sparks novel and when we whisper sweet nothings into their ear, they go right out the other. We also realize our list of pet peeves–ahem, about them–are also unwelcome. Which is understandable.

Yet, we wish they knew. We wish our boyfriends knew how much we care about them, how they changed our life, and how annoying it is when they don’t text back.

So, I asked various young ladies to share their “What I wish my boyfriend knew” moments. It is the chance they have to express what they wish they could say to their boyfriend face to face. From their pet peeves to their favorite moments, these ladies bared all.

I wish my boyfriend knew…

1. Meghan, 24

“Sometimes, I just don’t feel like showering.”

2. Jess, 23

“I love when he brags about me to his friends and family; he doesn’t realize how good it makes me feel to hear it.”

3. Kate, 22

“I love when he puts his hand on my leg as we are riding in the car.”

4. Sarah, 23

“I wish he knew how disgusting it is to me when he bites his nails!”

5. Emily, 23

“I wish my boyfriend knew that he doesn’t have to try to impress me or make me think any certain way about him. Obviously, I like you the way you are or I wouldn’t still want to waste my valuable napping/eating/Netflix time with you. There is no need to ever act like anything you are not or in any way that makes you uncomfortable!”

6. Lauren, 24

“I wish he knew the impact he has had on me thus far. Words can only express so much. I love how he appreciates every little thing about me. I love how I can be myself, without fear of judgment.”

7. Claire, 21

“I wish he would compliment me more.”

8. Morgan, 24

“That I love it when he takes the time to listen about my day. If I’m having a horrible day at work, he lays out my sweatpants and comfy clothes because he knows that’s exactly what I want.”

9. Laura, 24

“I wish my boyfriend knew I really don’t like his friends.”

10. Kristen, 23

“I wish my boyfriend knew that I love it when he invites me to things that he would normally invite a guy friend.”

11. Lindsey, 23

“I was dealing with the huge loss of my mom and was so completely broken to the point of numbness. That all changed when I met him. I wish he knew how he brought me back to life.”

12. Autumn, 23

“It drives me crazy when I always have to pick the restaurant we go to for dinner.”

14. Jen, 23

“I love when he plays his guitar and makes up his own goofy lyrics. I wish he would play for me more often.”

15. Danielle, 24

“Xbox is just a game, not a way of life.”

So, gentlemen. I hope you took a few notes and don’t worry, your turn is next. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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