What We Have Isn’t Love And We Both Know It

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You and I both know this isn’t love. This, what we have, is more like a summer affair — passionate and beautiful, but not bound to last. We are each other’s simulation. What we have is nothing more than a trial, a mock test, a rehearsal just so when the real thing comes along, we’d know what to do. We both know we’d continue on with the life we chose for ourselves apart. And we’re both aware that’s that, aren’t we? 

We were both lost and lonely when we found each other and we both know this is the perfect time we let our vulnerabilities get the best of both of us.

We found a shelter in each other to wait until our own storm passes, and the moment the storm’s passed, we both know our time’s up.

It’s time to leave that shelter and find our way home.

We both found ourselves trying to survive life out of our safe zones. And thank God we found a refuge in each other as we’re able to figure most shit out together. We found a temporary clarity and sanity in the middle of our respective chaos. 

We found a momentary silence in the loudness of the world that’s out of the one we’ve set our whole lives in.

Things got a little bit easier. We found answers to the why’s and the how’s and the how come’s and the what now’s and everything somehow just made sense. We made sense, together. And we’ve clearly taken this as love when we both know it isn’t because now that things are almost completely set, it’s time we go on and find more answers we can no longer find from each other. 

It’s time we move and leave this little shelter we built for each other — in each other. And we both know, in the deepest part of ourselves, that this is eventually happening. It’s inevitable because, after all, we both know this isn’t love, don’t we?

The two of us, it was a dream — a beautiful dream everyone deserves to have. And God am I just too grateful I had that because now that I’m off to deal with my realities, I know what I deserve.

I deserve that shelter. I deserve that peace and clarity and sanity in the middle of the never-ending chaos and loudness and madness this reality has in store for me.

And although we both made this dream too perfect to be woken up from, we both know this isn’t it.

It’s a simulation, a trial, a mock test, a rehearsal.

We wake up from this beautiful dream and we no longer see each other because we’re not bound to last, only meet.

And we’re both aware that’s that, aren’t we? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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