9 Times You’ve Proven You’ll Look Out For Yourself No Matter What

1. There’s nothing else that can make you more comfortable than saying no. You’re capable of saying no just as much as you are to say yes. You simply know your limits and you’ve drawn that line hard enough there’s just never going to be anyone to cross it.

2. You stand tall. You’re confident in your own skin and you don’t think there’s ever a need for you to show off things you know aren’t you because you know who you are and what you want. 

3. You’re not into validation — at least from others. That validation always comes from you, from how you feel to how you let all these feelings manifest. Other people’s validation may be something, but it’s never the only thing that’ll keep you going. 

4. You are your priority. You are at the very top of everything else which benefits not only you but also the people that matter to you, because how in the world can you help them if you have no clue how to help yourself first?

5. You’ve mastered this amazing art of minding your own business. And because you do, you’ve ceased caring about how people see you and think about you. You hold your truth and you respect yourself so much that you know whatever you do to yourself isn’t to harm you. You’ve come to understand people’s judgments will always be out there and you’ve learned to stop them from haunting you because your concerns are your own issues. Your issues are your only business, and boy have you never been more peaceful.

6. You know for a fact everyone has their own ideals and principles. Everyone has something to say about pretty much a lot of things and you don’t reject them just because they’re different from yours. Instead, you hear them out. You say your piece — maybe even a lot — but you’re fully aware you can’t change nor bend their principles the same way they can’t bend yours. 

7. You don’t let anyone silence you. You speak up when there’s a need to. You don’t let anyone intimidate you because you fully know what you believe in. You’re well-articulated. You speak louder when they tell you to hush simply because you know what you’re talking about. 

8. You break down. And when you do you let it all out. You no longer fear vulnerability because you’ve made peace with the fact that we all need to be vulnerable once in a while. You let yourself fall apart because you know these episodes are yet another chance to pick yourself back up even stronger.

9. Your kindness is never mistaken for weakness. You are kind and generous. You are hopeful and boy are you loving. But you make sure people will not dare take advantage because aside from the obvious kindness, you too are obviously not one to be fucked around. And if they actually dare bite you, they can expect you’d bite back because you will. You bite back and you bite really fucking hard. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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