You Are My Breath Of Fresh Air

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You are one breath of fresh air, aren’t you?

You’ve come just in time – as winter starts to wither and spring starts to bloom.

You made me bloom, as pretty as the petals of every blossom opening up to the world. And everybody sees it. But more than anybody else, I see it too. I feel it. I know it.

The universe exploded right before my eyes, and here you are now, putting each star and all its wonders back to where they’ve always been. You let me find these wonders on my own, and you put me back in there, together with all those stars, not for you to see me shine but for me to see how I still do shine as bright as I used to.

All the colors I painted my entire being with went dull in a snap, and here you are now, repainting every detail of me – from my most visible to my most delicate parts. and you have made every color as fierce and striking just so the rest of the world will know how all of my colors had never actually gone just faded; just so the rest of the world would know how all of my colors are never to be erased ever again.

You are one greener pasture, aren’t you?

I lost all my drive to be one with the world, and here you are now letting me fight all my battles as you stand behind me ready to push me forward in any case I take a step back. You continuously let me be however I want to be, without even an ounce of worry whether it’ll benefit you or not, because what matters will always be how I’d put my shit together, my ducks in a row, my life at its best.

You are one great fuel, aren’t you?

I have always been on fire, the strength in me never ceased, and that did not scare you enough to put these fires out. You didn’t feel the need to be my waters, instead, you make sure I retain these fires, fueling me up when there’s a need to, and making sure I won’t die out.

You are – You are my own organized chaos.

Everything is vague, yet there’s not even a pinch of fear, because the vagueness that is us is also my clarity.

Because I completely know this is where I am supposed to be.

Because I completely know this is where I want to be. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

a happy-go-lucky ray of fuckin sunshine.

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