This Is What Happens When You Try To Find The Perfect Girl

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You get inside a room filled with a bunch of girls in it, and you instantly see how diverse these bunch of girls are on a quick, subtle scan.

And your curiosity starts bothering you – which among these girls is the perfect girl?

I bet you’d end up getting out of the room strongly convinced that all of them are.

Notice that girl sitting on one corner minding her own business with a book on her hand looking as if she is on a verge of crying, sipping her cup of steaming coffee probably every five pages or so. I bet you she’s one of those oozing with a lot of sense, with a mind filled with wonders and logic combined. She has that very strength to get to whatever world she wants to get to, but she does not forget where her real world is. She is perfect.

Opposite her, notice those girls in group seated together – at one point you’d see them laughing and on the other they’d be dead serious, talking about whatever subject comes out without any filter. They do not mind the diversity. They welcome whatever points are being pointed out without being too defensive about what they have to say. They speak a lot, yet they also listen as much as they speak. I bet you each principle they try to put across came from one heck of a story from a piece of their lives. They’re perfect.

Turn around and you see that girl you’d probably find a little too overdressed today. You’d know from her looks she’s one of those who dresses up however they like simply because it’s how they express themselves; that she’s one who does not care how other people see her because she’s way too comfortable about herself to care. I bet you she also has insecurities, yet she does not let even a single insecurity to stop her from standing out in a crowd. She is perfect.

And then notice that girl all made up, with lips as if drenched in blood so red. And at your left is that girl who seemed to have decided to go out upon getting out of her bed. Look how they came across each other and not one of them judged the other. Look how they compliment each other with a smile. I bet you they got out looking the way they look not for everyone to see and notice, but simply because they want to. They are perfect.

A couple scans more, and you see this girl crying probably over a heartbreak. She isn’t afraid to show her weakness, and that only made her strong. I bet you she’s got the biggest heart to risk her own heart to something that might end up all messed up, to jump into something a lot are too afraid to jump into, and to reject all her what if’s just so she could be sure about what really is. She is perfect.

And you’d for sure notice that girl talking to her, and you not only see her but also hear her as her voice gets louder and louder, pulling off that so-called tough love. I bet you she’d gone through worse, yet she’s there talking sense into someone who just went through something a little similar. She’d never invalidate her pain because she knows exactly how every pain – no matter how deep or shallow the cuts are – matters. She comes off strong because she got through it strong, and there’s nothing more that could make her more fulfilled than passing on this strength she’s gotten from every time she got her heart broken. She is perfect.

You find yourself in a room filled with a bunch of girls and you try to decide which one is perfect.

Which among these girls is the perfect girl?

It would take a lot of time for you to decide on that, because all of them are.

All of them are perfect because all of them are not.

They have their own sense of perfection from the stories they’ve come to build around them – from their pain, their scars, their battles, their relief, their success, their failures.

They each have their own piece of perfection, and that already makes them enough.

And if you can’t see how that is enough, then you will never in your life find a perfect girl. TC mark

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