To The Next Girl Who He Falls In Love With, This Is What I Hope For You

when he falls in love again
Matheus Ferrero

I hope you love him just enough to love yourself even more. I hope you know that you always have to choose yourself first before him, and I hope you know that contrary to what he might say, it is not being selfish.

It is never selfish putting yourself first. It’s not true you don’t love him enough just because you love yourself more. I hope you know and remember that loving yourself first only enables you to love someone else the right way.

I hope you don’t lose yourself loving him. I hope you don’t end up trying to know who you really are because you have tried to be someone you’re not but someone he wants. I hope you resist trying to change just to fit into his liking. I hope you don’t allow yourself to walk on eggshells, trying to be very careful about your every move and every decision just because you don’t want him to be upset. I hope you don’t change the way you dress, the way you carry yourself, and the way you are just because of his judgments. I hope you wouldn’t start feeding your insecurities now that you’re with him. Instead, I hope you’d be more confident about yourself.

I hope that you don’t give up your principles, your beliefs, and your thoughts just to please him.

I hope you don’t just sit there agreeing with everything he has to say when you’re really trying so damn hard not to speak up just to avoid any arguments. I hope you speak up and put him into place when you have to. I hope you don’t get scared thinking you might lose him once you open your mouth to prove your point.

I hope you don’t stop proving your point.

I hope that you don’t turn your back on people who were there with you through everything, believing all you need is him and no one else.

I hope you still continue to be with the people who matter to you and who’s always been with you even before him.

I hope, oh I really do hope, that more than being true and loyal to him, you remain true to yourself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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