I Don’t Need You To Open My Door, I Just Need You To Respect Me

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You don’t have to carry my purse just so you can show them how chivalrous you are, or how you’re concerned that my things might be too heavy for me to carry. I got this.

You don’t have to insist on getting me to walk on the safe side of the road. The truth is, I don’t care. I’m not gonna judge you if you were indifferent about it. We’re both human beings and I am not as stupid and helpless as you think I am.I got this.

You don’t really have to open the door for me. It’s not how I measure you as a person. I can manage to open the door. I can even be the one opening for you and I swear that won’t even be an issue. I’m not physically challenged, nor am I that fragile. Instead of being too busy opening the door for me, why not do that for those who really need your help, right? Because of darling, opening the door for me isn’t impressive. I got this.

You don’t really have to protect me if I decided to wear something sexy or skimpy. I decided to wear this because I’m comfortable with it. I decided to wear this not to get people to stare at me or judge me or insult me – because that’s their problem, not mine. I wore this because I want to, nothing more than that. Also, I can protect myself. I got this.

You don’t have to buy me expensive shit. You’re just insulting my capabilities as a person. I have a job and I earn a living. Getting you to buy me this stuff isn’t part of my goals at all; being able to buy myself the things I want, or even go to places I wanna go to is. That’s my job. I can spoil myself.

So thanks, but no thanks.

Although, what I need from you is just one thing – plain and simple.

I need you to understand that a no is a no.

I need you to respect that when a woman says no, it isn’t a subtle yes, nor will it be your signal to make her feel as if she’s obliged to please you.

Understand that just because she’s with you, doesn’t mean she’s owned by you. I need you not to insist when she’s starting to feel uncomfortable.

I need you not to tell her she’ll only get to prove her love for you if she agrees to do whatever it is that you want her to do. And I am telling you, once you start trying to turn my no into a yes, that’s the end of you.Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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