42 Signs Your Close Friend Is Actually Your Best Friend

Most, if not all of us would probably have a number of friends, whether they’re your classmates, officemates, partners, and so on. And among these friends, we’d have those who we truly are closer with than others. Some of them may be those friends we openly call each other as best friends, while others may be those we simply call as “close friends.” This is especially true for those people, who don’t really bother to label themselves, since they don’t find much significance in doing so anyway.

However, there are those cases that these “close friends” we have are practically our best friends. And we know it. You know it. It’s just that you never really bothered to talk about it. On the other hand, a few wonder how they can really tell if a friend is already a best friend to them. As such, we can find it a bit easier in doing so by considering a few things regarding our friendships that could signify the existence of a best friends relationship. Practically, there are a million possible signs that out there, but here are the most common ones I’ve got. They aren’t arranged in any particular order and I hope they’ll be worthy of thought for you guys.

1. You’ve known each other for a generally long amount of time.

2. You talk to him/her at least more than three times a week.

3. And when you do talk to them, you never worry about how you will start a conversation, and what you will even talk about.

4. You share this imaginary bank of private jokes that only you guys have access to.

5. You have secret annoying or cute nicknames for each other.

6. It’s normal for you guys to share your secrets with each other.

7. You can’t stay mad at each other.

8. It’s an unspoken assumption for you guys to team up whenever you can.

9. You unconsciously sit beside or across one another whenever you eat out with other people.

10. You are free to judge the other in the middle of a conversation, but you don’t do it anyway.

11. You guys have a list of things to do. Or even if you don’t, you never run out of things to do anyway.

12. Both of you would always enjoy hanging out with each other.

13. You guys will be willing to make small or big sacrifices for one another.

14. The two of you are starting to talk alike (even according to your friends).

15. One is always willing to try out something new that the other suggests.

16. A member of your family would at least know his/her name and face.

17. You effectively train this special power of finishing each other’s sentences.

18. You don’t force each other to talk about your day and every detail of it, but you end up doing so anyway.

19. One is permitted to call the other at any time of the day.

20. There really is no such thing as bothering one another.

21. You have basically scaled through all genres of conversations from humor, all the way to personal problems.

22. One will drop whatever he/she is doing whenever the other needs him/her.

23. It’s not unusual for you to surprise one another, but each and every time is just as special as the first.

24. Throughout everything, there will be no side, corner, or inch of him/her that you do not accept.

25. There will be those nights you stay up through together, and those mornings you wake up early for together.

26. It’s inevitable for you to laugh, giggle, or even just smile when talking to them, even through chat.

27. You develop the talent of reading each other’s messages, writings, essays, or anything of that sort in their voice, even if you don’t know it was them.

28. You are amazing at reassuring one another.

29. There will be a lot of those GMTA (Great Minds Think Alike) moments with them

30. You are able to communicate a full sentence with one another through just simple facial expressions.

31. There are often those moments that you unconsciously think to yourself you have to tell the him/her about it, and nobody else.

32. You know their favorites: food, drink, movies, music, basically everything and anything.

33. You share an endless list of activities to try out and do with one another.

34. You basically become bipolar when talking to them, switching from incredibly stressed to elated in a span of minutes.

35. You are never shy when it’s them you’re talking to or hanging out with.

36. One cannot sleep unless he/she is sure that the other is okay.

37. It is almost second nature to understand one another. And when it does get difficult to do so, you remain patient anyway.

38. You end up knowing, perhaps even memorizing their daily routine.

39. You have shared so much memories with them, that you think a piece of you, regardless of how small or big, would be missing without them.

40. You don’t regret anything you do with or for one another.

41. You are forever grateful, and you will forever love him/her.

42. Ultimately, you’re are extremely happy to know that you have a lot more milestones, moments, and memories to share with each other in the future. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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