If You Make A Guy Pay On The First Date, You’re A Sexist

Sergey Sus
Sergey Sus

Sexism is wrong.

Society dictates that when a non-married couple is on a date, the guy has to be the one footing the bill, not the girl. This downplays the hard work the guy has to go through to earn that amount of money.

It is considered unorthodox for the girl to pick the guy up for a date. The guy has to be the one pampering the girl senseless, not the other way round. The guy has to be the one carrying the luggages up the stairs whilst the girl sits out of it. This is wrong. This is sexism. This is NOT feminism. 

Chivalry is an archaic concept. There is indeed a possibility that a man can have some difficulty carrying his luggage – a girl who is not running late at the time can at least give him a hand, even if she is unable to carry the luggage on her own.

There is no such thing as emotionless men. However, men who conceal their feelings well do exist. Why is that? 

Again, this boils down to the social convention of the guy having to be the emotional pillar for the girl. A guy who is emotional is considered weak and a girl should always find a guy who can provide, financially, physically and emotionally.

The concept of a ‘couple’ in and of itself suggests that both parties are EQUAL. In Physics, a couple is a PAIR of forces of EQUAL magnitude, and of course in other areas, couples usually mean partners. In this context, a guy is allowed to be emotionally vulnerable with the girl, and the girl should also act as an emotional pillar. 

To be honest, most classic and contemporary romance novels are unhealthy if followed to the tee. The aforementioned conventions, as perpetuated by these novels, are utterly illogical if not unreasonable. Granted, girls might be ‘physically weaker’, but this does not negate the fact that they should not lend a helping hand where possible. After all, an extra helping hand never hurts anyone. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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