What Happened After I Finally Decided To Quit Social Media (For The Most Part)

I'm Priscilla
I’m Priscilla

The other day, I felt a certain load of heaviness. I felt tired, empty and alone. I felt so depressed.

For a long time, I had let myself become trapped. I was struggling hard to get other people’s approval. I was on the hands of those people who did not even deserve me. I felt melancholy. I missed everything, I missed everyone. I sensed that I missed out on a lot of things. A lot of stolen time.

I let myself neglect being present in the wonder of the moment. Moments that God wanted me to enjoy. Moments that God wanted me to notice and see in my very own eyes. So on the flip side of all of this, I knew I could start over.

Finally, I decided to plug out. I gave up. I don’t want to follow society’s rule of how to live anymore. I decided to live one day at a time, one moment at a time. After that, amazing things started to happen.

1. I have stopped comparing myself to other people.

Whenever I would browse my newsfeed before, I couldn’t help but compare myself to other people. As I looked at other people’s post, I often pressured myself to experience the things that they were experiencing. I always only saw the surface. As I logged out, God let me see in my very own eyes, what it’s like to celebrate people rather than comparing myself to them.

2. I have saved a lot of my precious time.

I did not stop taking photos, I did not uninstall all my social media apps, but I have learned to limit myself. Surprisingly enough, I feel like I have longer days now than before, I have more time now to do the things that I want, things that really matter. Now, when I snap a photo, one or two is enough. It doesn’t have to be perfect. What’s important is that I captured the moment.

3. I reconnected with my family and friends.

Our phones often disconnect us from face to face interactions. I now enjoy every moment with my family. Nothing beats a coffee with my spiritual sisters, a chat after a long day with mom, and a dinner with dad without taking a food photo at all.

4. I reconnected with my life.

To be human. To realize that my self-worth is not based on the number of likes that I’m getting. Now, as I look at the sunset, I just close my eyes and soak myself in it. I learned to enjoy the moment.

 5. I have stopped fooling myself.

Back then, I always cared about the approval of other people, and I wanted them to see how interesting my life was. I was always busy, anxiously snapping the food that I was about to eat, snapping where I was, or who I was with.  Now as I look back, I realize I didn’t ever enjoy those moments.

6. I have learned to genuinely love myself.

To spend more time reading a book, to play, bake, talk, rest, relax, re-energize, feed my soul, meditate quietly, nourish my spirit, rest my eyes and seize every moment. And, it feels so light and refreshing! It feels so great!

God didn’t give this life for us to document everything. He wants us to experience the bliss that every moment of life offers. So, are you ready to create memories and seize every moment of it? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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