When You’re Feeling Down, Remember That God Is In Everything (Even The Little Things)

Marc Brüneke
Marc Brüneke

Have you ever felt like you’re in a rut? That you’re not even excited about your life anymore? That you always see things, days and circumstances as “ordinary”?

Yes, I do too sometimes. Until one day, I realized that life is too short, that life here is temporary and only borrowed. As we know, our true citizenship is really up there, in Heaven.

From then on, I learned to choose to submit to His will more than my emotions. When I’m worn out, I look at the beauty of God in little things.

There are so many things that make life simple and easy and if I choose to focus on them, rather than the negatives, I can learn to be grateful and find true happiness.

So, what are these little things that make me happy?

I am happy when:

  • I eat fresh fruits
  • I finish a good book
  • I burst out laughing
  • I wake up and feel relaxed
  • I discover a new song
  • I see seasons change
  • I receive gifts at Christmas and at my birthday
  • I travel sometimes
  • I hug chubby kids
  • I’m at church and feel refreshed
  • I am able to help my friends when they need me
  • I write and sing
  • people compliment me
  • people are polite to me
  •  people smile at me
  • I share Jesus

Happiness is when things are all going our way, but true joy is knowing that even when things are rough, you can still find things to be happy and laugh about. When you’re faced with a mountain, remember that God always gives us strength to endure. And, in our weakness He is strong.

So dear, smile, relax and laugh. All is well. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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