10 Signs That You Still Aren’t Over Him

Flickr Nicolas Alejandro
Flickr Nicolas Alejandro

1. You still stalk and stalk.

Whenever you scroll your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter feeds and suddenly see something about him, you will not think twice and you will definitely scroll it up back just to have an idea on what he is up to.

2. You share quotes that are related to him.

Whenever you encounter heartwarming quotes from social media related to him you still share, retweet and repost hoping that he will read it and have an idea on what you still feel.

3. You use your human devices just to be an inch closer to him.

Aside from knowing how he is through the aid of social media, you also use your human devices such as ears and eyes to know if he is doing OK. You’re still interested on stories about him that you can hear from your common friends.

4. You still stutter and skip a heartbeat whenever you see him.

You can never act so casual and civil whenever you have a face-to-face encounter with him because whenever you encounter him all your high hopes of being with him resonate.

5. You still keep your memories together.

You will always have your memories together fresh in mind even though those memories you had were years ago. Those memories will always play in the back on your mind.

6. He’ll always be in your prayers.

Whenever you go to Sunday mass or pray before sleeping, he will always be part of your prayers wishing him well and secretly asking the Lord if there is still that slim chance that you could be together because at this stage, you just open up to your higher being while you’re trying to convince everyone around you and even yourself that you have moved on.

7. He will still be better and the best above all.

When you start to date or get to know someone, no matter how this new guy could be physically and personally good, you will always have this conclusion that he will always be better and best in all aspects than this guy you’re dating even though in reality, he is not.

8. You still hope for more.

At dusk, you still think of him. You still cling to that hope that one day you could have your own happily ever after even though you are aware at present that he is happily in love with someone else. Still, you wish and hope that there will come a time that he will say “I love you ” back.

9. You still imagine him as your future.

Whenever you start to sit down, think and plan your life in the future, he will still be the one that you imagine spending the rest of your life with. You still imagine yourself being with him in the future experiencing and exploring life to the fullest. You still imagine him to be your definition of forever.

10. The fact that you might never be together upsets you.

After all the positive daydreaming and hoping, when reality hits you that you’re really not meant for each other, it depresses you. You feel like you’re starting nowhere, you go back to zero, and your world collapses because every dream you have for yourself has always been with him and now that reality is kicking in that those dreams will just remain to be dreams held up in the air, you now start to feel lost and empty. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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