Here’s How Turning To Travel Can Heal Your Broken Heart

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Sleepless nights, endless crying, moments spent remembering the past, wishing and praying things will work out eventually and the two of you will get back together. Sound familiar? These things are part and parcel of heartbreak.

A broken heart is never welcome, it is the bane of every person who has ever walked this earth. Nobody wants to be left by the person they love most. Nobody wants to be hurt. There are times when the pain is too much that you would just wish you were dead.

How do you deal with a broken heart? Find a new hobby? Learn something new? Anything and everything that can divert your attention away from him. This is something easier said than done and I know this because I have been there and yes, I did think that it was easy for my friends to say such things because they were not in my shoes.

So, how do you cope with a broken heart? How do you go on when everything has fallen apart and there seems to be no hope? I found my refuge in travel. Travel became my best friend and not only has it helped heal my heart which was once torn to pieces, it has also opened my eyes to new things and made me a better person.

Travel challenges you.

If you are used to being with someone, being all by yourself can be quite a shock but welcome the challenge for it will make you a better person. When you travel alone, you have only yourself to depend on. In the process, you will discover skills which you did not previously know you had. You will grow so much and you will thank yourself for this opportunity when you look back on it.

I did not think that I will be able to travel by myself and have the courage to talk to strangers and fellow travelers as my ex and I always traveled together but I was pleasantly surprised at just how easy it was to start conversations with people. I have made new friends whom I still connect with until now.

Travel gives you a change of scenery.

Being stuck in the same place where you and your former love spent much of your time together won’t be of any help. You will be reminded of your ex with every turn you take. Going away, even for just some time, gives you a change of scenery and distance and removes the possibility of being reminded of what used to be and having the pangs of heartbreak haunt you.

Having a change of scenery will also give you a change of mindset. It serves as a reminder that life is beautiful and things are going to work out just fine. Personally, being in a different place gave me a different perspective on life and helped me start anew.

Travel opens your eyes to the world.

It is true what they say, you will never realize what little place you occupy in the world until you venture out and see it with your own eyes. Reading and watching videos about different places can only do so much. Being there, interacting with people of a different culture makes a huge difference.

It gives you the opportunity to observe just how people from another side of the world live, what their daily life looks like and what their meals taste like.

Travel allows you to reconnect with yourself.

When you are so used to being with someone and being a part of a duo and you are suddenly left all alone, you need time to reconnect with yourself. This is especially true if you just came from a relationship where you were controlled by your partner. Being independent and embarking on a solo trip is the most freeing thing in the world.

Spending time by yourself in new surroundings allows you to remember what makes you truly who you are. You will be more comfortable with silences, being alone and doing things by yourself.

Heartbreaks are endings which can lead to new beginnings, if you just let them. Be brave and allow yourself to experience new things, experience new culture and meet new people through travel. You owe it to yourself after having been through so much. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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