A Letter From The Girl You Turn To When You Need Advice

This goes out to people who I have always given advice to. About life, about feelings. Unfortunately, I have been told, that I give sound advice. I have apparently, at times been able to make people see sense, give others time, give themselves a little time as well. At moments like those, when I have been dishing out some great one-liners, I have also been made to believe that I have that firm-head-on-my-shoulders business sorted out excellently. How else could I give advice then?

Here’s the truth. I tell you things that I wish I can do, and see through, when time comes. When I tell you to take time, I am hoping that when it comes on me, I too will be able to take time. When I tell you to let go, I am hoping I can let go too.

If I ever told you, by any odd chance, that it would be easy – I hope you believed me. Because it isn’t. If your time, your head and your heart have ever been invested in anything, handling an anomaly in that, will never be easy. It will drive you nuts, make you panicky. There are chances that it will tear you apart. But you will survive. And I am telling you this, because when my time comes, I want to survive.

There will be moments when you will be nothing like what people expect you to be. You will be a mess, an emotional car-wreck. You will feel it in your bones that you are completely losing grip on things around you and yourself. You won’t feel strong. Not one bit. But that’s ok. You need to feel like this.

You will know then that you had invested a part of yourself and more than that, you are capable of investing yourself. It is tragic to live through a life without investing your heart and mind in things. I am telling you that it is ok to breakdown because in time I shall tell myself just that.

You can’t always be what people expect you to be. That isn’t possible. You need to be what you want to be, even if it is a mess, because you need to know your darker sides better than anyone else. However, you need not seek out people, places or moments what will shatter you – they will come to you. Life is skewed like that.

I have been told by others, those moments will teach you more than better, sunnier, happier moments. I hope I have never told you that. Because when time comes to tell myself that – I know I will not be able to believe myself. That’s ok. You don’t have to. I don’t have to. No one has to.

If my advice has worked for you, I hope today, my advice works for me. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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