5 Great Things Hidden Behind Failure and Rejection

So far, what’s the biggest failure or the most heartbreaking rejection that you’ve faced at this point in time? I guess right now, you have at least one in mind. Or maybe even more. But who really knows, right?

I didn’t ask you just to put you down nor to make you count the times you’ve been defeated and declined. Instead, I want to show you something unconventional: The other side of the spectrum. A different twist of perspective. Something once hidden, but finally out in the open.

This is not another success story, and this is not even close to an “Excelsior!” or “Eureka!”but this is for the ones who trust that their story of success is a work-in-progress.

1. Failure and rejection are what you make of them.

When you see failure only as a failure, that’s when it becomes nothing but a failure. But when you try to look at it as a way to learn or an opportunity to become better, that’s when the magic happens. It becomes something else—you define it by how you handle your attitude and emotions towards a certain situation. Remember that we all think differently. What can be a failure to you may not be a failure to somebody else. The way you think determines where you will end up. Stay positive.

2. Failure and rejection won’t stop if you want to keep growing.

Your greatest enemy is complacency. When we’ve settled for something that makes us believe there’s no danger in sight, that’s when we stop—everything. But what if you try to step out of that comfort? Take a risk and live a little. Give yourself the freedom to welcome the endless possibilities and growth laid out in front of you. Yes, we will fail in small things and we will fail in massive ways. We will be rejected for minor things and we will be rejected on a grander scale. But keep in mind that this builds your character, your personality, and your standpoints, and that’s how you will grow. Always seek growth.

3. Failure and rejection give you clarity.

It eliminates nuisance and minimizes complexity so you can explicitly focus on what really matters. When there’s less clutter, you can freely unleash your inner potential and show your wild creativity better. This will stimulate a more powerful momentum, determination, and courage into your passion, goals, and dreams. Failure and rejection give us a deeper understanding as to why things happen for a reason. All these pieces will come together, and you will grasp how all of it happened for the greater good. When the timing is right and when you’re finally ready, you will soar. Don’t give up.

4. Failure and rejection are turning points.

Sometimes when we get too caught up in defeat, we miss out on the other open doors that better direct our energy to where it is supposed to flow. Do not dwell too much of your power on the negatives. Instead, harness it and use it toward the positives. The way to attain your dreams and goals can lead to a lot of left and right turns, but chin up, and trust the multitude of paths that you’re going to take. It will be a long road without shortcuts, so just enjoy the ride and surrender to the outcome. Your journey is not your dead end—remember that.

5. Failure and rejection happen to everyone.

Accept that this is unavoidable. You are not alone in your struggle. The feeling of inadequacy, distress, unworthiness, disappointment, and insecurity won’t just go away in one snap, and that’s totally okay. If you feel it, feel it, then release it. But the moment when you feel like you’ve had enough is the time to do something about it. The instance you feel you are about to break is the point you need to keep holding on. Why? Because it is inevitable. And the only way to get through that is a step forward. Be brave enough.

Failure and rejection will always be there, because life is a never ending process of learning.

Instead of questioning why things are happening in your life, try asking this: “What is this trying to teach me?”

Believe in the work-in-progress success. You will fail, you will be rejected, you will be hurt, you will do something about it, then you will gain. You will learn. You will succeed.

Timing. Patience. Determination. Hard work. Sacrifice. Attitude. Discipline. Perseverance. Commitment. Effort. Drive. Gut. Self-love. Remember it all.

Consider failure and rejection as hurdles, not walls.

Because it doesn’t mean stopping, it means leaping a much stronger step forward. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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