To Those Who Are Waiting For Love

Praveesh Palakeel

You who is waiting, you very well know how waiting can be as exhilarating as a newly cooked French fries served after ten minutes (yes, we can consider that right?) and how it can be as lonesome as hoping for your feelings to be reciprocated.

But in any way you’re feeling today, may it be with a sappy playlist or rainy nights and cold storms, I want to turn your waiting game into something lovely and let me put a little sunshine and breathtaking meadows to uplift your mood.

I want to remind you that…

You have a lot of patience. In this world run my breathless innovations, you by far withstand the life of “instants”. You have a great forbearance in the situation you’re in. Darling, some want it rushed and expedite and this what makes you great because not everyone can defy waiting especially in love.

You have the determination to continue believing what you once knew the real definition of love was. You don’t mind the cynical and harsh cuts your heart suffers in the past. Instead, you decide to move on and let yourself be healed by time. You chose to survive and you start reviving the feelings that you lost and this sheer force of will that radiate around you, will definitely lead into something beautiful.

You show the universe that you are aware of our own individual time pace. The one that will be meritorious of your love will make you swing in the rhythm of the blissful waves because you only deserve to dance in the right tune. For this, you believe that you’re not left behind and your timing will come and if it does, it will be beyond what you think is the best.

You rejoice with an optimistic eye. You would rather look at this process with positivity because your forbearance will reap with endless adornment from the eyes of someone that is made to be your life’s partner in crime. There will be pessimists that will try to overcome your pluses but they will never win because you are brave enough to turn them all down.

You have a strong devotion that great things will come your way. You put all your faith in Him because you trust that what is meant to be yours in life, will always be yours no matter what. You know about the meant-to-be’s, destinies and anything superficial but you would rather keep those beliefs aside and let His hands create wonders that will make you thankful for a million and even billion times.

But most of all, you show the existence of true love. You know how anyone can promise that they will stay through it all, anyone can say that they will love you forever, anyone can express how irreplaceable you are, anyone can talk about how much they are willing to wait for you, anyone can tell you how much they adore you but let me tell you this, there can only be one that can really attest it to you.

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