You Are The One Who Got Away


I am very proud of you for finally finding the person you deserve. The person who I wish will always be there and take care of you. I still remember those late nights we spent on rooftops talking about your ideal guy to spend your whole life with; and also those nights you would finish a whole bottle of Johnnie Walker because you found out your school crush had a girlfriend.

Do you remember the time when we were 8 years old, and we played the most popular board games such as Snakes and Ladders and Monopoly? Your dad even surprised us when he ordered a box of All Meat pizza with ranch sauce on the side.

Do you remember when we were 9 and both of us got extremely emotional after watching Pocahontas? It was so sad because Pocahontas was the one that got away. Do you remember right after the movie your brother treated us to a huge pint of Ben and Jerry’s?

How about the time when I was still a basketball player and you were a cheerleader and you would scream your heart out and jeer for the players who would hurt me when I had games? Of course I remember the time I was guarding you in the hospital instead of going out with my buddies during the summer of 2006, because no one caught you during a dangerous stunt in your cheering competition. I even got mad to the person who was supposed to catch you.

I hope you will never forget when I asked you to go with me as my lovely date to the school prom? We danced the night away to the song “Chasing Cars” and when the song was about to end I brushed your hair over your ear and our lips slowly attracted each other and finally they met. On that moment we knew this could be something real.

Yet, I remember the time I hugged you tightly, wiped your tears and whispered in your ear “Goodbye” and gave you a kiss on the cheek. Right after, I entered the gate of the airport because I had to take care of my aging grandmother.

We kept contact with each other through social media, but it didn’t take awhile, and our conversations slowly faded away.

We grew apart.

We still made promises to each other that we would catch up soon and do the stuff we did when we were kids, such as watching Pocahontas and spend nights in my roof top.

After 6 years, I went back to see you and hoped we could start all over again. And when I saw you, a bullet pierced through my chest because I saw you, with him and you handed me a letter written: “Wedding Invitation.” I hugged you, and told you I’d be there, and I walked back trying to smile through the pain.

Right before the matrimony, I saw you and was able to utter the words “You are my Pocahontas and I hope I am your John Smith,” and you told me, “You are.”

You will always be the one for me, but now I am not the one for you, I just hope he will love you and never hurt you.

You are the one that got away. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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