An Open Letter To The People Who Are In The Friend Zone

To those who have been romantically attracted to their best-friend, yet found their love unrequited; always remember it was never your fault.

It was not your fault for observing the charming, white smile your friend carried every time you saw each other, or the warm hug that followed where your bodies were tucked together tightly, and you could smell the sweet heavenly scent from the back of your friend’s neck.

It was not your fault that you would talk about the most unparalleled and random things in random places during random times of the day and night.

It was not your fault for listening to the most annoying yet painstakingly cute laugh of your best-friend every time you cracked jokes or poked fun at people.

It was not your fault for appreciating the simple things when you’re around your best friend such as walking to class or listening to music together.

It was not your fault when your other friends would call you by your best friend’s name, or tease you every time they would see you together.

It was not your fault that you would go to the library together or even to her home to study for the dreaded Advanced Calculus exam, trying to motivate one another and keep on telling each other not to give up.

Those moments showed how you were always there to support your best friend, reprimanding her when she was slacking off.

It was not your fault for getting your hopes up when she would invite you to movie marathons, midnight drives and unexpected food trips.

It was not your fault when your best friend slowly wept on your shoulders or over the phone, and you tried to comfort her because you yourself could feel her pain.

It was never your fault, yet it was your responsibility as a best friend.

It was your responsibility to motivate, empathize, sympathize, trust, respect, and love your best friend.

It was not your fault that you fell for your best friend while you were simply fulfilling your duties as the other half of that relationship.

Know that it is never your fault when people criticize you for crossing an ocean for someone who you aren’t even sure will cross a puddle for you. Yet you should always remember, love is not about what you gain, it is about what you give.

– Sincerely from the boy who was never loved back. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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