Not Everyone You Love Will Break Your Heart And Leave

Brooke Cagle

Note to self: your life is good

Your heart got broken recently in the most spectacular and destructive way. You shouldn’t let anyone make you feel bad for still thinking about how you could have played things differently, or for still feeling a pang of sadness when you let yourself think about him for too long. Truth is, even if you had played things out differently, you’d still be where you are now, mending your heart. It wasn’t you, it was him, and you can’t fault someone who gave it their all like you did.

I know you think this most recent heartbreak has changed you more than the previous ones, that this one hurts more, and that maybe, this is the one you’ll never get over. You lost your trust in other people, you’re scared of being vulnerable with someone else ever again, and you’re worried all of that will stop you from falling in love. The love you so deserve.

But you thought that last time, and the time before that too. You got over them in time, because time is a beautiful healer. Soon, you will stop thinking about him. Soon, you will remember that not everyone will break your heart, that people do still tell the truth, and that not everyone you meet will leave.

Look around you. The friends and family who are there for you without realising how much their friendship, love, and words help you. It’s the friend who gives advice with unapologetic honesty, the colleague who reminds you of your talents when you feel like you have none, and the stranger who compliments that dress you’re wearing. You do rock that dress.

In your heartbreak, you learned to be the best version of yourself; you threw your mind and soul into you. First, it was a distraction technique, but when you started to see your dreams coming true one by one, you realised you didn’t need him to be successful.

You don’t need anyone else to make you a whole being, and my, what a beautiful human you are.

So instead of thinking about the failed relationship and what might have been, focus on all those wonderful things you’ve achieved, and the things you’re working to achieve. Those things that will last a lifetime are far better than that failed relationship, anyway.

Say it loud and clear, and believe it girl, because your life is good. As for him: well, he lost the best thing that ever happened to him. You better believe that, it’s true. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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