This Is Why Wanderlust Is The Best Solution To A Terrible Breakup

Twenty20 / alexandriacheng
Twenty20 / alexandriacheng

We’ve all been there. A breakup can persuade even the strongest of people to grab a pint-sized tub of ice cream, cocoon themselves in bed and spend the next few weeks binge-watching House Of Cards. Despite the fact that this can be a real break-up right of passage for some, there’s other ways to soothe a broken heart. The best one? Buy a plane ticket.

There’s nothing like looking forward to something and it’s a sure bet, if you’re going through a break up right now the only thing you’re looking forward to is some new additions to Netflix. Just the act of getting online and taking a step toward your future can unglue you from your present. So, trust me, if you’re sitting in bed right now with your very own sad, sleepy bun and an array of tissues by your side, go online and book yourself a new feeling. Here’s why:

You’ll Grow

There’s nothing like standing at a bus stop in a city you’ve never been to before and a bunch of people you’ve never met to make you begin to grow as a person. It doesn’t matter where you travel to, a change of scenery will force you to change with it. So, say goodbye to the miserable side of yourself and say hello to someone much more appealing.

You’ll Meet New People

Whether it’s some locals, or that other confused traveller that you bonded with at the airport, travelling will bring new people into your life. Now, if you’re on the road it means that some of these relationships may be fleeting, but it doesn’t matter. New people bring new perspectives into your life, some of which you may never have even thought of before.

You’ll Catch The Bug

Even a small flight can give you a different outlook on life and chances are, once you experience the healing power of wandering around an unknown city with a backpack in tow, you’ll be hooked. No more breakup tears, no more trying to keep off their social media, you’re only distraction now is where to go next.

You’re Turning A Break Up Into Something Worthwhile

Breakups are tough, no doubt about it. But what’s worse than a breakup? Coming out of it with the same outlook on life. By getting on a plane and making some memories you’re turning that pain into a learning experience and it’s unlikely it’ll be one you’ll ever forget. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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