What Being An Adult Actually Is Like In Your 20s

woman sitting on concrete surface over body of water
Dani Vivanco / Unsplash

As you get older and become an adult you start to realize things don’t always turn out the way you planned. Sometimes you will be in a bind and think that’s okay I can get help from my parents, only to find out they can’t help you, and the only thing you feel like doing is breaking down and crying for the whole entire day. Also you know that electric bill you’ve missed paying for the 3rd day in a row because by the time you get off work and manage to get down there the business is closed! By the way I don’t know how some of you young adults have your fridge stocked up like you live in Hollywood with rich ass parents, every time I go shopping I still don’t have enough food to last me the week, plus I can’t afford all the food in the world with my small paycheck plus paying other bills. Oh and you know that guy over there that stopped and held the door for you, you know the guy with the cute smile, blue eyes, and that gorgeous hair, yeah well he was actually holding the door to be nice not actually because he likes you. Also you might want to check your washer your clothes have been in there for about 3 days and are starting to smell, better yet you might want to just rewash them all together. Oh and before you forget and become stranded on the side of the road, I’d stop at the store on your way to work and actually put gas in this time, instead of getting coffee and that really yummy donut you had yesterday morning. That note that is attached to your front door is about the rent you owe, you know the money your suppose to give the landlord for renting out the apartment, but instead you spent the money on alcohol and three chili cheese burritos at Taco Bell, so now you have to call your parents for help and get a lecture on how your old enough to be responsible. Remember to check your messages because your dad called 3 times this week about how you missed dinner at his house for the fourth time this month, also he sorta thinks you have gone missing so you might want to actually give him a call or text, anything so he knows you are actually alive and okay! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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