10 Things You May Not Know About Him

man and woman biting cotton candy
Valerie Elash / Unsplash

1. The way he fiddles with his fingers when he’s around you, because of how nervous you make him. But in a good way of course.

2. He really wants you and his friends to get along. He doesn’t want to have to not always be without you while he is with his friends because you guys don’t get along well.

3. He may not always show it but he does worry about you all the time. Even if he didn’t send that drive safe text or text me when you get home, trust me he still worried about you!

4. He may want to talk about the future, but is afraid to bring it up because he does not want to freak you out.

5. He actually does not care what movie you pick as long as he gets to cuddle up next to you.

6. He can be an asshole, but he does love you. He just really sucks at showing it at certain times.

7. Sometimes he DOES want to stay home with you and just relax, even if that’s all you guys do is take a nap. I mean a guy needs to relax too!

8. He loves the way you eat, so you do not have to feel weird about what you look like while eating in front of him.

9. He loves your mouth as weird as that might sound. He loves the way you taste when you kiss him. He thinks your lips are sexy and cannot wait to kiss them when he sees you.

10. That perfume you wear! You know the one you’ve been wearing since the beginning of time. Well, guess what? He loves it. In fact, he knows when you walk in the room because he can smell it from a mile away and knows it is you! TC mark

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