32 People Answer The Question, ‘Is It Possible To Meet The Right Person At The Wrong Time?’

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X People Answer The Question, 'Is It Possible To Meet The Right Person At The Wrong Time?'
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“I did. When I first met her I was engaged to someone else and she was dating someone. Four years later and its now the right time and she is asleep on our bed. Sometimes life works out people, remember that just because it didn’t happen today doesn’t mean it can’t happen.”

“If the person is the right one, there’s no wrong timing or wrong place. When, you want something so bad, you’ll do your best to make things work, regardless of time or circumstance. Its just a matter of choice. You only give up on something, when you don’t want it bad enough.”

“Well, I think it’s totally possible and I’m a perfect example. I met my husband when I was 13 and he was 15. He was the bad boy and I was the super-innocent virginal church girl. We had an unlikely friendship and got really close but we had to lose contact, grow up and learn lessons before we were able to get together. The trick to meeting the right person at the wrong time is to not force yourselves to be something you can’t be yet.”

“My husband and I met when I was 13 and he was 14. He was the annoying kid in class. Not a bad annoying but just someone who I wasn’t into at the time. He liked me but never asked me out as he didn’t want to ruin our friendship. We lost contact after we graduated but then reconnected. And I had a few boyfriends in between there which helped me appreciate who he was as a person. Now we’re married have a son and another one on the way. I think if we had been together earlier we wouldn’t be where we are today.”

“I agree, sometimes you may meet ‘the one’ but because life needs to happen and lessons need to take place.timing may just mean God saying, ‘not now.’ I’ve heard plenty of stories where people meet their ‘one,’ but may not get together until later.So this is very possible.”

“I’m still figuring this out. Seemed like the right time, but outside circumstances in rapid, quick succession literally tore that person down to the ground and they shut me out completely. I can only sympathize and try to be understanding. Doesn’t make it any less difficult.”

“Yes! And making it work with the right person at the wrong time can feel extremely wrong and difficult and confusing, but if they still choose you at the end of the day, they are the right person. So you have to choose them back, or you’ll spend your whole life wishing you did. Poorly timed relationships are hard, but the right person is worth it.”

“I think you can. I think I did. And it fell apart because of the fact that our timing was off and we were in different phases of our lives.”

“Yup. I met my greatest love 11 years ago. It took five years and me marrying ( and divorcing) someone else for him to get his shit together. Now, he and I are together almost six years and have a beautiful three-year-old son.”

“Universal truth time never waits for anyone so it’s better to become a good human in time before it’s too late, moreover above all it’s our way of view or thoughts which creates wrong or right time, so think positive live positive and it should be our motto of life.”

“Yes. But sometimes, even how hard we try…if it’s not yet the right time for the both of you, you have to let go. But you still want to love the same person all over, you’ll meet the better version of his self someday. And if it’s meant to be, it will always happen to fall back at that right person again. Luckily, I did.”

“Any time is the right time! There are only wrong people, not wrong times. I met the love of my life at the hardest, most inopportune time of my life, but we ended up together! If it is meant to be, it’ll work itself out. I met him when I needed support the most and he has never failed in his love for me, thank goodness.”

“The man I am with now, I met in 2004. We were young, but crazy about each other. It didn’t work out and we went our separate ways. Communicated off and on for 10 years, then we gave it another go, unofficially. Out of that, we had a son. Timing was still not right for us and we broke up before either of us even knew I was pregnant. Now we are back together, after both of us learning lots of life lessons. Timing makes all the difference. We’re happy and it’s what we always really wanted with each other. And we’re planning on getting married.”

“Regarding my last relationship, this is a tricky question. I’m 9 years clean, with treated bipolar, who was in love with an active alcoholic with untreated depression. I guess timing depends on whether or not he eventually gets his shit together, in which case it’s timing. If not, then he’s a lost cause. Either way, I wasted over three years trying to find out.”

“Yes. Timing is important. GOD’s timing. Everything works out in HIS time. If we learn how to wait, we will avoid getting unnecessary pain. Not everyone who shows interest is the right one even if it feels right. The heart is deceitful so we need to be careful otherwise we will earn the consequences of our hasty actions.”

“Nope, no matter how well you tried to compromise the time, it just wont work as if you’re at your last chapter of the book and your partner has just started their chapter, its like reading the same book but completely different story.”

“I think it depends on how much you love that person. If you love that person deep enough, you feel that she/he is the right one. If that person left you, you fail to understand and all you can think of is that she/he is not the right one. Either way, it’s like a denial.”

“No…if it’s the wrong time then it means it’s the wrong person, because the right one will just fit in your life no matter the obstacles.”

“I actually do believe in that because I’m in the same situation now. What we can do is to be there for them and be supportive in whatever situation they’re in. That right person will fight till the right time comes.”

“Absolutely…sometimes you’re at a point in your life where maybe you’re not ready for that person or vice versa. We all have to grow & you can either grow together or grow apart.”

“If it’s the right person, it is the right time. If you can honestly walk away or give that excuse, then they aren’t the right person.”

“Everything and people will intervene when the timing is wrong because everyone sees what is right. But with the timing being wrong its hard to create a sense of right-ness because of all the wrongness that can happen.”

“It will only take seconds for the right person to make a choice. If he/she won’t choose you now, then he/she isn’t the right person.”

“Yes met mine 23 years ago, we were young & friends, we had to grow up live life & learn, now I’m 40 & we have been together almost six years)!! We always knew we loved each other, but life happens & things work out in time if meant to be.”

“I am hoping there is. I am still waiting for him to come back.”

“Yes! But if it’s meant to be they’ll come back into your life.”

“No, wrong time = wrong person.”

“Nah, but we can meet the wrong person in the right time so we think that the wrong person is the right one but it is not.”

“I don’t think so, cause if you were meant to be together, you already would be.”

“Yes, but if you’re meant to be together it will happen when the timing is right!”

“It is not right if there is something wrong.”

“No…wrong can never be right and right can never be wrong.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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