16 People Share The Best And Worst Part Of Being In A Relationship

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16 People Share The Best And Worst Part Of Being In A Relationship
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1. “Best part about being in a relationship? Sex.
Worst? No sex. You’re welcome.”

2. “He/she will stay and always have a reason to keep you.
But the worst part is if he/she gets tired and is not happy anymore.”

3. “Being in a relationship with someone who loves you without anything in exchange. Giving small efforts just to make you smile in your worst mood. Who listens to all of your dramas.
And the worst part of it is one day you wake up and he’s into someone but not you.”

4. “Best: the euphoria of being in the moment of life when you’re out doing things together.
Worst: when the euphoria stops and they become selfishly absorbed in themselves.”

5. “Best part is when you can tell to him everything without inhibition, and fear not to be understood.
Worst part is when you’re being hurt by his unfulfilled promise.”

6. “Best part—familiarity and ease.
Worst part—the shimmery feeling of anticipation slowly extinguishes.”

7. “The best part us having someone to touch.
The worst part is having to consider another person in all of your choices.”

8. “Best is sex, worst is expectations. This is why I have no interest in ever getting married. I turn 50 in fair months and enjoy having the option of leaving when the best isn’t as good as it should be.”

9. “The best part is having someone to laugh with all the time & lots of good sex.
Worst part is not communicating on same page.”

10. “Friendship is the best part.
Worst part is losing trust.”

11. The worst part is when he farts on me.
The best part is I can fart back on him. Win-win.”

12. “Best is you are not single.
Worst is you are not single anymore.”

13. “Best part: being in a relationship…
Worst: being in a relationship with Hitler.”

14. “Best: inside things (knowledge, jokes, experiences).
“Worst: battling their insecurities.”

15. “Having another person around…and having another person around.”

16. “Best, having a person who has your back.
The worst, when they think they are always correct.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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