25 People Reveal How You Can Tell You’re In Love For Sure

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25 People On How You Can Tell You’re In Love For Sure
Alejandra Quiroz

1. “When his smile makes you feel like you won the lottery.”

2. “When his arms feel like home.”

3. “When his/her happiness is your happiness.”

4. “You know you’re in love when you’re an introvert and you’ve met someone you simply cannot spend enough time with.”

5. “When seeing them, touching them, or hearing their voice can silence the entire world and brings you back to center. When sleeping next to them is comforting, and you can look at them and know that no matter what happens, nothing could ever make you waver. If the world said move, you would remain steadfast, with no concern for yourself or fear of what’s to come. Real love is knowing with absolute certainty, that you, despite all your insecurities, are as precious to them, as they are to you.”

6. “You don’t want to think about life without them.”

7. “You can sit next to them without talking and feel happy and complete.”

8. “When they hurt, you hurt.”

9. “When you can’t stop thinking of the other person’s well-being. Every day with him is complete. You are you when you are with him, you don’t have to pretend into someone else you are not.”

10. “When the bills keep coming, life keeps kicking you off your feet & you think nothing is worth it—but you have that one person you would rather suffer with than strive without beside you so the world better just make way! That’s being in love!!”

11. “You’re in love when you’ve been aware of his history and flaws and you’re still ready to kiss his scars because that’s all his. That because of those, this man in front of you is who he is. And you make him feel he doesn’t need to be ashamed of anything because you see way past thru all those dark sides and you accept him for him.”

12. “You’ll just know it. You are the only one who can define the definition of love. No one can decide what is love supposed to be for other people. You can define love by your own. It can be defined in so many ways. There’s no right or wrong. There are no rules. It is love when you know it’s love.”

13. “I was lost for so long, had no feelings inside. Other than my daughter I felt nothing for no one and when I met my love, I was a wrecking ball but I knew there was something special about him and even though I was so empty I just couldn’t let him go yet I had given him every reason to turn around and run but he still wanted to give me the world so he stayed by my side and helped me face my demons. Throughout it all with the help of God we begin to tear down the fortress I had built around me and here we are now, my heart is so full of love and he is a great role model and father figure to my daughter. He is the love of my life!”

14. “If you’re bending your own rules and not afraid of falling in your back. Just a smile on the face while thinking the person that creates it…and how time flies so fast when you’re together and just be spontaneous, being free and happy and the feeling of thunderbolts inside your heart that tickles your soul!”

15. “At first, you won’t know that you fell in love with someone. It may be unintentional or the reason is very obvious to you but all in all, you let that person inside of you in a very special way. You’ve let that person enter your heart more than just a friend. At the end of it, you chose it to be no matter how bad or good it may become.”

16. “You feel it from your head.you feel safe secure.you feel calm but giddy like a crush.that persons hand being the best thing you ever held.where you know your words are heard with interest when you feel part of something great. When you love their scent on you and dread having to wash it off. Your entire being ignites the first time you see them again when they make every past lover obsolete and everybody else trivial. When you see a heart not a body or a face. And when you know if you built a fort they’d play in it with you. When you can be totally exposed and intimate revealing so much in middle of the night talks. And when you can’t go to sleep cause ya can’t stop talking even though ya gotta be awake in for hours. And when you know everything I just said. That person feels that way too….OK, that’s a good start.”

17. “When you feel safe even when you’re not around them. When you can keep your anger under control when you’re arguing about something (no matter how silly). When you don’t just watch them struggle, you take some of that burden off of their back. When no one else interests you whatsoever. When you look at them you only see love and beauty not hate and disgust. I could go on.”

18. “That questions take a lot of hell time to answer. It’s not just about skipping a beat or feeling butterflies or like he is the only person in the room.

This feeling could happen more than once in your life but of course with different intensities.

You know you actually in love with him when you see this ugly truth of him with all his flaws and still can’t think of anyone else to spend the rest of your life with. When it gets real, all of your fears step aside and dammit somehow he got deep under your skin that it feels like no longer there.

When you feel that you are your truest self and that you feel like you just wanna share every scar you had with him. When you feel that u r not afraid to be judged from him because he is just the most place you felt safe in.

You will just know it, you will not feel that something is missing or that you have doubts about it.”

19. “And I don’t know if that really exists because I haven’t encountered it but I know for sure that this is the way it should feel, not just heart and flowers romanticism.”

20. “When you can’t quit. Not because you don’t try or want to because of whatever reason, but you simply can’t. When you want to be a better person, not out of fear of losing them, but because you think they deserve the best.”

21. “I know I am madly in love with my love because he can make a bad day into a great one with just a hug.

Because I am concerned with his safety and well-being, he is a priority in my world.

Because I want to share my world with him; the good, the bad, the ugly.

Because I am safe with him. Mentally, emotionally, physically.

Because I cannot imagine my life without him next to me.

Because even when I want to throttle the crap out of him, I still love him.

Because I never think I should just end it when things are rough. I always look for a resolution.”

22. “You would do something for them rather than yourself.”

23. “When you can’t stop thinking about them, they’re on your mind every second….seeing their name pop up on your phone makes your heart skip a beat, seeing them gives you butterflies and you miss them every second they’re not around…”

24. “When you’re drinking water and you’re seeing him through the glass cup.”

25. “It’s when that person is not perfect by any means, but you would still choose them over anyone else. EVERY SINGLE TIME.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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