30 Body-Positive Women Who Will Help You Redefine ‘Beauty’ Standards



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Love the skin you're in! – @notoriouslydapper #Repost from @deegetsstronger No filters, no edits, no sucking in, no nothing. Just smack dab in the middle of some good ol' "flaw" showing sunlight. Lighting can fully change how someone looks; and odds are, most of the women you know have had their pictures taken in lighting that hides their "flaws" the most, out of either insecurity or shame. But reality is, the vast majority of women have cellulite, scars or stretch marks on their bodies. It's in our biology, and it's simply how our bodies are meant to grow, slim down and store fat. Diet industries and public figures have caused such a stir about how our bodies "should" look like, that we've forgotten how to embrace ourselves as we naturally are. We've got our minds so rapped up into looking like one particular body, that we've lost conscious of how impossible it is for two bodies to be exactly alike. Our own damn bodies don't even look the same throughout the lengths of a day, yet we're still falling for a social ideal which simply cannot be met? To love yourself as you are, and move towards a better you, you have learn more about yourself and your body first. It takes time, and it takes strength, and you will have your downfalls, but I promise you, there is no greater feeling than embracing yourself for who you truly are💕 #cellulitesaturday

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🙌🏽 (Admin @curvesbecomeher) #instarepost @chubbybabe_: You are not your age, Nor the size of the clothes you wear, You are not a weight, Or the color of your hair. You are not your name, Or the dimples in your cheeks, You are all the books you read, And all the words you speak, You are your croaky morning voice, And the smiles you try to hide, You are the sweetness in your laughter, And every tear you’ve cried, You’re the songs you sing so loudly when you know you’re all alone, You’re the places you’ve been too, And the one that you call home, You’re the things that you believe in, And the people that you love, You’re the photos in your bedroom, And the future you dream of, You’re made of so much beauty, But it seems you forgot, When you decided that you were defined, By all the things you’re not.” — Erin Hanson

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#FoodForThought💭 So I've got this theory on beauty and it's pretty damn liberating || I don't think beauty is seen, I believe it is felt. Middle school Morgan would beg to differ, but here's what I've realized that has changed my way of thinking: What is perceived as beautiful, evolves with time. By this I mean physical attributes, whether it be body shape, skin tone or even the way we dress. They are all a matter of preference, and they change with time as history has shown. So, why waste time trying to fit the mold of what is deemed beautiful at the moment, if we know that it is subject to change anyway.. Society's standards for beauty are unreliable. So what, then, IS real beauty? Its the way we make people FEEL when they encounter us, all of us. Beauty is animated, it carries energy and opportunity. Do YOU carry energy? Do you embrace opportunity with optimism? How do you hold yourself? Is your body language confident? Do you take pride in bettering yourself? Do YOU believe that you are valuable? All of these factors makeup your total package, the one that you exude to the rest of the world. Some of the most beautiful people I know probably wouldn't be found in a magazine or on a runway. That's because beauty is so much more than the length of one's legs or depth of one's skin- those are simply features. Beauty rather, is vastly complex, as is life itself. So, the goal is to be beautiful? Well I say forget about fitting a certain size or contouring your face just right.. Think about your total package, your value. THAT is what makes you beautiful. -@morganlosing You are beautiful! -@harnaamkaur #effyourbeautystandards

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This picture is everything! – @notoriouslydapper #Repost from @faith_plusfashion Happy Labor Day everyone! With summer offically over I'll be missing the beach and bikini days, but I am 100% ready for sweater, scarves and snuggle weather! I hope everyone is having a lovely Monday.. don't forget to stand tall, work hard, be kind, feel fierce and show this week who's boss! xx Un-retouched photo by @desbasphotography xx #effyourbeautystandards #celebratemysize #bigandblunt #plusisequal #NoBS #plussize #fatshion #plussizefashion #bodypositive #selflove #plussizemodel #model #nobodyshame #ootd #psootd #psblogger #blogger #motd #plussizemeplz #faithplusfashion #vintage #boudoir #pinup #goldenconfidence #bikini #fatkini #beachbody #photoshoot

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Thank you for sharing Dianne's resonating words with us Rachel! (Admin @curvesbecomeher) #instarepost @rachelestapa: Sharing this post from @diannebondyyoga because I see this time and time again…thank you!!! >>>>"I think it's really easy to sell body positivity to people when you haven't had to struggle with body image. When you always fit the norm, been able to find clothes that fit, been seen as beautiful in mainstream culture, have always been able bodied flexible strong. I think it's easy when you have not identified your privilege, be it physical, or racial. I want to ask you to be careful when people try to sell you body positivity as a form of weight loss. They are not interested in your well-being they're interested in making a buck. It has to be about serving people, change the culture and caring who is triggered when you write bullshit and call it body positivity and empowerment. There are a lot of us out here struggling to find acceptance, trying to move past self-hate and trying to be accepting of the skin right in. If you're not here on the battle lines with us we're not interested in anything you're selling or peddling. Paraphrasing Brene Brown here. Thanks for your time I was triggered today".#WhataYogiLooksLike #EveryBodyBends#love #yogaforall #ybic @ybicoalition@accessibleyoga @nataliecummingsyoga@globallioness @nikkicookyoga@saritphoto @yesyogahascurves@melmelklein #effyourbeautystandards

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