29 Amazing Ways To Explain What A ‘Cunt’ Really Is

Thanks to the amazing people at Urban Dictionary for providing these amazing descriptions.

1. The tastiest meal known to man

The tastiest meal known to man.

2. The most delicious part of a woman’s body

The juiciest, most delicious part of a woman’s body. Usually found between her smooth thighs. Some people’s favorite thing to eat, breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

3. Strong, life-giving, and an object of desire

Far from derogatory, a cunt is flexible, strong, life-giving, and an object of desire. The word cunt is not offensive. What is offensive is the thought that anyone decided that a word that refers to the most wonderful part of a woman’s body could be used as an insult.

4. A sweet name for a sweet thing

A sweet name for a sweet thing.

5. A warm, beautiful place

A place so beautiful and warm that a dick jumps up and gushes when it sees one.

6. A beautiful fleshy slit between a woman’s legs

A beautiful fleshy slit between a woman’s legs that may have hair or may be clean-shaven. It makes the cock of men hard and drip with pre-cum just at the thought of it. It is warm tight and wet and perfect for dipping one’s dick inside and fucking till every drop of nut has been emptied inside it.

7. Synonym for strong, sturdy, and tight

ADJ. direct synonym for well-built; also strong, sturdy, tight, etc.; direct antonym of jenky.

8. A sexy woman

While often derogatory, also descriptive of a female radiating strong sexual attractiveness and allure.

9. A term of endearment between men

A term of endearment between males (Australia) esp. ‘Old cunt’

10. New Englanders’ way of saying “can’t”

New England pronunciation of can’t.

11. C U Next Tuesday!

An abbreviation for the phrase “c u next tuesday!”

12. Can’t Understand Normal Thinking


13. Caravan Utilizing Nomadic Travelers

Traveling folk, up to now have had to suffer the vile indignation of being called “Gypo’s,” “Didicido’s,” “Tinkers,” and “Pikeys.” This is both insulting and rude, not to mention racist! Given the “politically correct” society we now live in and to show that we embrace all cultures, it has been decided that the correct term to use is—Caravan Utilizing Nomadic Travelers—Acronym—C.U.N.T.s.

14. A word that works in any circumstance

Used as a verb or an adjective, or a pronoun, or ANY word class in the English Language. Literally used in any circumstance, any context, any situation. It just works. Use it to fill the gap when you just can’t remember that word.
1) I am cunting mad
2) I will cunting screw your mother in the ass!
3) Pass the cunti-ma-jigg
4) Precuntably (instead of presumably)
5) I’m gonna cunt you up
6) What the cunt are you doing here?

15. The National Word of Australia

It is a very popular word in Australia. It is used both towards Men, Women, Friends, Enemies and Children. Basically, everybody in Australia is a Cunt. It is also the National Word of Australia.

Most people who are unfamiliar with this magic word will try to make you believe it is a naughty word solely used for the Human Female’s Vagina, but they would be wrong.

16. Short for “country run”

Short for ‘country run,’ referring to a celebratory drive through the country whilst smoking marijuana.

17. Cornwall United National Team

The C.U.N.T. (Cornwall United National Team), started as a small bad of chums in the late 90’s who banded togrther at the beginning of the Goth revolution.

Though their numbers were small, they fought their very hardest to keep their wrist slitting foes at bay, while trying to deal with internal corruption and deceit within the leadership of the group.

18. A male with severe mommy issues

Contrary to popular belief a Cunt is actually a male, usually with severe mommy issues. Usually an ex boyfriend or someone who was once of great significance to you, but then proceeded to rip out your heart and shove it so far up your anus that you choked on it and nearly died. He was once the best person you had ever met and now the pain of coming to the realization that you may never find anyone better, makes you walk through life with fear. The only revenge worthy of a cunt is to wait until they are at their happiest in another relationship, then re enter their life and seduce them. Then as soon as its done, you blow out of there like a queen made of diamonds knowing that you just fucked up their life as much as they once fucked up yours.

19. Collective noun for a group of cyclists

The collective noun for a group of cyclists

20. A positive term used in the gay community

Cunt is a word used largely in the American gay community, used to describe someone who does, says and wears what the fuck they want, this person is usually on some next level shit.

21. Synonym of “good”

Replacement for the word “good”. Used in slang.

22. Can’t Understand Nerd Tendencies

A C.U.N.T., which stands for Can’t Understand Nerd Tendencies, is a group of people (mostly female) who are non-gamers or do not have “nerdy” interests. They fill the air with their incessant ravings about video games and gamers. They are usually in a relationship with a gamer (who never hid their gaming or nerdy interests) whom they constantly nag, criticize, and badmouth for it.

23. The coolest person around

Being the coolest, most awesome, sickest person going around. You aspire to be them. Incredibly jealous of them and would do anything to be friends with them, date them or even try to adopt them!

24. Can’t Understand New Technology

Can’t Understand New Technology.

25. Abbreviation for “country”

An abbreviation for the word “country,” usually used in an insulting manor.

26. Cambridge United Noise Terrorists

Cambridge United Noise Terrorists (C.U.N.T) is the collective term for all the sound systems in Cambridge.

27. Caring Understanding Nineties Type

“Caring Understanding Nineties Type” (cunt)similar to: “Sensitive New Age Guy” (snag). Can be used to great effect to upset ultra left-wing radical feminists.

28. Can Undertake Numerous Tasks

Acronym for “Can Undertake Numerous Tasks,” i.e., people who are overloaded with work and say yes to more may wear this banner.

29. Computer User Non Technical

This word is used to describe someone who lacks the basic understanding of the PC—a Computer User Non Technical. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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