30 Painfully Stupid Things Men Say To Women Because They Just Don’t Get It

Twenty20.com LariStreule
Twenty20.com LariStreule

1. Calm down.

2. You’re acting crazy.

3. You’re acting like you’re on your period.

4. You took all that time to get ready, and that’s what you decided to wear?

5. What’s your problem?

6. You’re a bitch.

7. You’re a cunt.

8. I was just kidding!

9. Well, my ex was OK with it, so I don’t see what your problem is.

10. Wow, you really talk a lot.

11. You may want to think about using some mouthwash.

12. Are you sure that you showered?

13. I told all my friends about your secret, and none of them think it’s weird, so you need to just relax.

14. Yeah, I noticed that thing on your forehead, but it’s really not that bad once you get used to looking at it.

15. It’s OK that you’re upset. Girls are supposed to get all emotional.

16. You’ve got a lot of style, and that’s more important than looks, anyway.

17. How do you feel about threesomes?

18. How much did you say you weigh again?

19. I know she’s pretty, but she’s just a friend.

20. Nah, you’re just big-boned. I can look past it.

21. Do you ever wish you looked like your sister instead?

22. You’re just like your mother.

23. You look fantastic for your age! Really, I was surprised at how old you really are.

24. Thank God you’re not like other women.

25. Quit acting like such a girl.

26. You look really tired.

27. You need to smile more.

28. When you shaved down there, I think you missed a spot.

29. What’s with the eyebrows?

30. Don’t you think you already own enough shoes and purses? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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