13 Short And Sweet Reasons Why Alpha Females Are The Best Friends You’ll Ever Have

Shutterstock / Anchiy
Shutterstock / Anchiy

Alpha females can be polarizing. Because they attract men like crazy, a lot of other women are intimidated by them or assume they’re cutthroat or competitive man-eaters.

Basically, a lot of women are jealous of alpha females, so they judge them before they get to know them.

That’s their loss, because alpha females seriously make the best friends ever. They’re confident, they’re smart, they’re witty, they’re charming and they’re charismatic.

How do you think they have all that magnetism that draws men to them like kittens to catnip? Because alpha females are so strong and secure in themselves, they usually come with little to no drama, they’re endlessly entertaining, and they treat people well.

There’s a reason men love alpha females, and honestly, if more women could just get over themselves and stop seeing alpha females as a threat, they’d love alphas, too.

Here’s why everyone needs an alpha female BFF:

1. She will always ensure, whether she means to or not, that your group is the center of attention. No matter where you go or what you do.

2. Men will flock to wherever she is.

3. …but most of them are too nervous to approach her…

4. …so they chat YOU up instead. Ultimate wing-woman!

5. As a result, your drinks are always free.

6. She helps you find the perfect balance of beautiful and strong.

7. She puts men in their place.

8. She has the best dating advice EVER.

9. She will always throw down for you if you need her.

10. If you need a reference for a job, or even just a self-esteem boost on your Facebook wall, she’s there in an instant — and people listen to her.

11. If you ask if your dress makes you look fat, she will give you the harsh truth.

12. She’s got a slew of hilarious stories from her exploits that crack both of you up.

13. Even if you’re insecure about yourself, when you’re with a true alpha female, she raises you up. She sees you as her equal, not as competition. And everyone else is jealous. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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