The Leaves Are Changing And So Should You: 10 Ways To Hit Re-Start On Your Life This Autumn

Allef Vinicius
Allef Vinicius

1. Get over it quicker. When you are late to that big meeting you’ve been preparing for, or accidentally wear the wrong heels to the bar take it in, move on and get over it. Instead of talking down to yourself for making a mistake and essentially wasting time, do the best possible job at taking responsibility and moving forward (okay maybe not literally if you had the wrong shoes on).

2. Stop worrying about love. Love comes in all forms not just the typical “perfect” #relationshipgoals we see on Instagram. Love can be the kind smile from a neighbor, or that late night phone call from your best friend. Love can be a compliment from a complete stranger or the excitement your dog gets when he sees you walk in the door. And most importantly we have to realize that we are love.

3. Realize it’s okay to stick up for yourself. When someone at work is talking down to you or a guy you are really into calls you “crazy” speak up and say what you are feeling. The thing is if you don’t stick up for yourself now, you will be going over what you could have said to them in your head later. So get it over with. Politely standing your ground doesn’t show anything but that you are confident, know yourself and you have your own back always.

4. New weather, new wardrobe. I was at a friends house the other day and saw that she had reduced her wardrobe to clothing racks of her best clothes, mainly in basic colors like black, white and gray. Now I’m not saying throw out your favorite multi-colored Free People sweater, but minimizing your closet and going back to basics isn’t a horrible idea. So many throwaway shirts and clothes just take up space and clutter your energy. Letting go of old clothes too makes space for something new.

5. Change your makeup routine. A fresh face and dewy skin is in and you should embrace it! Long gone are the days of the Kardashian contour and caked on layers. Embrace who you are naturally with little to no makeup. Besides looking angelic and many times fresher, minimal makeup lets you embrace your unique beauty. For example, I’ve never really noticed my freckles before but now I love them and they are just one of the things that makes me uniquely, me.

6. Get curious about different cultures. It is more important than ever to have the knowledge and education about cultures other than our own. We live in a vast global community and according to the State Department, in the year 2016 only 36% of Americans hold a passport. Every time I go abroad the experience changes me as a person and widens my perspective on the world. But learning can happen at home by making a new friend outside your circle or participating in a community you usually wouldn’t.

7. Take up a new hobby. Obsessed with your cat? How about volunteering at a local shelter to help save a furry friend that is not so lucky. Dive deep into what you really enjoy and go back to the basics. Do you remember what you liked to do as a kid? What would make you happy doing without having to worry about making money? Turn your passion into a lifelong hobby whatever that may be.

8. More self-love, less selfies. Self-love isn’t just telling yourself you are amazing. Self-love is consoling yourself when something bad happens or skipping a night out to take a spin class, indulge in a night in and take care of yourself. Putting yourself first makes other people aware of how you respect yourself, therefore they are more willing to respect YOU.

9. Human connection vs. connection to technology. Do you know that awkward moment in an elevator where everyone whips out their phones to mindlessly browse and avoid eye contact? How about trying to look up at strangers instead of feeling the need to hide. Instead of sifting through Bumble the guy you might be looking for might be two feet in front of you! We have lost so many of our social connections in real time because of the role technology plays in our lives. Be the change and start with yourself. You never know what could happen.

10. Do that thing you always said you always wished you would have done. Want to leave your 9 to 5 and start your own business? Do it and commit wholeheartedly. Didn’t study abroad in college? Take a solo trip to Italy and eat homemade gnocchi on the Amalfi Coast. Don’t say you will have time to do it by next year, because life just piles on more responsibilities as time goes on. Cover all the ground of your dreams and never look back. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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