4 Steps To Embracing Sisterhood And Its Healing Powers

Being a woman is a superpower, and sisterhood is our healing power.

1. Know what you bring to the world.

You’re a force to be reckoned with. Your voice and your truth are powerful.

When you step into your authentic self, you end up opening a door for others to walk through. You subconsciously become a magnet attracting the right friends into your life. You unknowingly empower the women around you to be their authentic selves as well.

Open yourself up to the beauty of connection.

2. Shatter the illusion of needing to be something you’re not.

Remove the façade and the statue you helped build.

Deeply rooted in our core is a desire to thrive, to be free and be who we are truly meant to be in this big, beautiful world. We have a deep desire to heal our own souls so we can soar high toward our purpose.

Every day, take a step toward shattering that illusion as best as you can.

3. Pave a path for those to step into and light up your life.

Life is about connection. Some people find their tribe and sisterhood through devastating circumstances; others find theirs through the most triumphant times of their lives.

Some of you are blessed to have your sisterhood already; some of you are still trying to find yours. For those of you still seeking, still meandering through the muck and seeking a way above the wave toward connection, stay on path. Brick by brick, break down those life barriers and untruths that were whispered to you since you were young.

Sisterhood is beautiful. Your soul sisters are there for you. You will find each other, and once you do, don’t let them go.

4. Make room at your table for your tribe.

There’s nothing quite like a group of women uplifting one another. We all go through trying times, and life is inevitably a roller coaster ride full of pain and heartache.

But what a gift it is to find those women who understand you and empathize with you. Women you can learn from. A group of beautiful gems that share the same common goal—to better their lives and those around them.

Be honest and real. Healing is a process, but let your tribe help you through it. Show up and be present.We all need a good support system. Allow the healing to seep through in the form of friendship.

Friendships with all types of women from various backgrounds who can help elevate us—and to help us see a different perspective—are vital.

And the wonderful thing about sisterhood is that the support is a constant. If anything, it allows us to fully step into our own power a bit more, instilling a more profound level of confidence.

When you find your soul sisters, the family you chose and the family that chose you, listen to one another. Check in with your girls often. And always, always celebrate each other. We all need pillars in our lives and cheerleaders.

You are but a drop in the vastness of the world, but look at what a drop of many can do! Find your sisterhood and your tribe and flourish into that beautiful garden of daisies. Cultivate it, nourish it, and celebrate it through the healing and the joys. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Jessica is a filmmaker and the author of The Magic That is Life.

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