My Stance On God And Thus, Religion

I believe there is One God and from Him are derived all most heavenly of things. I believe that God is good and the good of all things. I don’t need to put a face or text around God because I don’t need proof or reassurance to know that He exists and that He is there. I know it in my mind because I feel it in my soul.

That being said, I think there are plenty other things that exist— both good and bad— that are unseen to us, humans. There is One God, yes. But I don’t feel He rules in solitary because Love is not solitary and God is the purest kind of Love. Or so I feel. I also feel His ruling fails to stand unobstructed and accepted by all.

This is why I also believe in the existence of angels and saints.

This is why I also credit the anti-God— the devil, if you will— and his court of followers, whoever they may be.

While my family is Catholic, and I was raised so, by the standards of society I am not a devout Catholic, or Christian for that matter. In fact, if you ask society and if you ask the church whether I’m religious at all, they will tell you that I’m not. If you ask me whether I’m religious or not, I will tell you that I am.

I do not go to church every Sunday; I barely go at all. I do not read the bible or pray it’s prayers very often. Most of the times, I pray to God in my own words. In fact, I don’t like to think I pray to God, I like to think I talk to God. I sin all the time, if not every day, and have only confessed myself with a priest three times in my life— all of which have been forced sessions during catechism classes.

“And yet, you consider yourself religious?”

Yes I do and I will tell you why.

Waiting For The Word
Waiting For The Word

God exists — beyond the bible, beyond the church, beyond its’ priests, and beyond the pope. God exists in everything and everyone. 
I don’t go to church nor confess myself to priests, read the bible or gather in a circle to discuss how everything in it is either strictly crap or undoubtedly logical. In fact, I am convinced that if you look into the why and how of God you will be overwhelmed with doubt that most either embrace and abandon God for, or preach on end for hours to deny it’s existence and reaffirm that of God’s.

I, on the other hand, know that doubt is there and that doubt will always be there. How could there be no doubt if we’re talking about something we don’t physically see and therefore cannot even begin to fully understand? To say that doubt is not there is to turn the blind eye of ignorance and arrogance. To say that the doubt present is greater than God is to be, simply put: bizarre. There is doubt in every theory, in every law, and in every single aspect of life— I am almost positive you don’t deny their existence simply because their existence can be questioned or challenged.

I find:

  1. Even those who believe in nothing believe in something.
  2. We believe want with as much intensity as we desire when we want because it’s what we desire.

Which brings me to my point: Religion is spiritual, not logical. Why we believe in God or don’t believe in God, why we believe in whatever it is we choose to believe in, is spirituality above all logic at hand.

This is why I cannot endure those who preach about why they believe in what they believe, despite whether I can identify myself with their beliefs or not.

It is in my opinion that if you need a reason to believe, you don’t.

As for those of you who will find this article silly— if not hypocritical, due to the underlying emphasis of my personal beliefs, know that I wrote this to share my thoughts with others. My intention was not, is not, and will never be to force, burden, or shame others in or out of any belief. I simply think we can all believe what we do in a healthier, more cognizant manner.
At the very least, I hope this enlightened you to the many possibilities that roam free outside your doors.

And for those of you who have a reason— or many reasons— to believe, ask yourself this: would you believe the same you do with reason as without? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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