Why We All Should Consider Having A Personal Trainer

Scott Webb

You need a personal trainer just like you need a doctor. Personal trainers have specific training to help you reach your goals faster just like doctors know what to prescribe you to heal your body quicker. Investing in your health costs money, but then again, when you’re in tip-top shape, you’ll use your doctor a lot less.

1. We Keep You Accountable

You can slack off when you’re alone because no one knows. So maybe you didn’t squeak out that last rep. Or maybe you cut your run ten minutes short because you didn’t feel like it. Like many people, without someone holding you accountable you may skip one workout and then because no one stopped you, it becomes a habit. Before you know it, it’s three years later and you don’t even know where to begin.

When you schedule an appointment, and pay for that appointment with a personal trainer, you’re holding yourself accountable. Not only will you lose money by not showing up, you bet your sweet ass I’ll be calling and texting to find out where you are.

2. We Motivate You

Personal Trainers become such because we love training, working out, and pushing ourselves. That self-motivation is easier for some and it comes with practice. When you hire a Personal Trainer, you’re hiring your very own cheerleader. We’ll cheer you on for that last rep. High-Five you when you push yourself for another 10 minutes on the treadmill. A Personal Trainer becomes your best gym buddy because they won’t let you slide and they’ll make you feel great for pushing through any obstacles. You’ll want to push through because they’ll motivate you to become great.

3. It’s an Investment in Your Health

We pay for health insurance hoping to not have to use it, right? But people still get sick, break bones, and must go to their doctor. Then you pay for the appointment. You pay for any prescriptions. It adds up, but because it’s our health, we don’t question the cost too much. This is an investment in your health. Another investment, one that is proactive rather than reactive, is personal training.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (and everyone else) claim that regular physical activity is one of the most important factors you can do for a health life. When you work with a personal trainer, we can develop a program to strengthen your bones and increase your cardio endurance. When you consistently work out, you’ll become a healthier version of you. You won’t be seeing the doctor as much and you’ll literally sleep better at night.

4. We Give You Consistency

Working out once a week isn’t enough to generate the benefits of exercise. You need to be consistent and have specific goals. Otherwise, you’re going to the gym on Monday, doing a couple of lifts, not activating the right muscles, moving on to another weight machine, and doing it over again. Thirty minutes later, you’re leaving and you don’t return until next Monday.

While one day a week is better than no days a week, you’re not going to see results from a single weekly session. You’re certainly not going to see it without having an exact plan or goals.

A Personal Trainer will be able to keep you consistent, especially when you’re paying them. If you paid for three sessions a week – and if you’re anything like me – then you’re showing up for what you paid.

5. We Help You Set Realistic & Specific Goals

Want to lose 30 pounds in 30 days?! Want to run a marathon next month?! Never set foot in a gym or ran a 5K before? Well, then, having a Personal Trainer will help you set realistic goals and specific goals at that. When you up and decide you want to lose 30 pounds, first thing is being realistic. Unless you want to be super unhealthy, losing 30 pounds in 30 days in not an obtainable goal. Same goes for running a marathon. You cannot go from the couch to 26.2 miles in a month. But once you realize that it takes time and dedication, a personal trainer will help you set specific goals (i.e. running a marathon in 8 months). No more meandering the gym or guessing what exercise you should do.

6. Improve Mental Health

According to everyone and their friend, moving your body makes you feel better. Working out inevitably increases your ability to manage stress. The same chemicals that react to stress can be increased through exercise, making them, in a sense stronger. Exercising also release endorphins that make you feel happy. And when you feel good about yourself, it comes out all over the place. When your body feels good, your mind feels great, you’ll be unstoppable.

7. We Give You Instruction

When you’re busting out rep after rep (and try not to lose count), are you also watching yourself? Do you know if you’re doing the move correctly? Are you exacerbating your knee problems by messing up the squat? Are your knees passing your toes? Are your knees bending in? How about your back? What’s it doing? Personal Trainers are trained to watch your movements and instruct you to do every move correctly.

8. We’re Efficient

Face it. It’s more efficient to pay someone to tell you what you don’t know. With all the other things going on in our lives, the last thing you need to do is spend months researching, testing, reading, asking friends, blah blah blah. When you pay for a Personal Trainer, you’ll get months and years of studying, testing, reading, and education packaged in slim-fitting athletic wear. It’s efficient. All the time you spend reading could be spent with a trainer who knows their shit and getting results. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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