This Is Why You Need To Take A Vacation, Right NOW / Chris Gramly / Chris Gramly

There is a great deal happening in the world right now. There are tremendous amounts of fear, uncertainty, and confusion about what to expect for the future. Changes are coming, some that are possibly frightening and some that may do a bit of good, but who really knows at this point. Not only as a country, but as a world, we’ve been battled and bruised a bit by the dark side of human nature.

News stories and media outlets highlight everything that is wrong with this world. A constant flow of negativity that almost makes you afraid to step outside your door some days. This kind of persistent pessimism cripples us and disallows us to remember what is so damn great about this place we call home.

That leaves only one thing to do in order to escape this frightful outlook. Jet set.

Get the hell out of town. Literally, buy a ticket and go. It doesn’t have to be a huge trip to Europe, maybe just a neighboring city. Pack a small bag, get in your car and drive. See the world around you again. Explore every corner you can. So many spontaneous adventures await you. People don’t do this enough or if they do, they do it for the wrong reasons. By taking this vacation right now, you aren’t running away from your relationship problems, bills, or the everyday mundane activities of life. No, no, no. This vacation is about one of the most important things you need during a time of such great change, perspective.

Perspective is one of the best things to get from a vacation.

It clears your mind and allows your conscientiousness to stream without clutter and chaos. You can shut your eyes, take a deep breath, and open them with a view of the horizon. You meet new people with different opinions, you see diverse ways of living, and you experience a life outside of your own. Ah, perspective. You’ll gain knowledge and a new way of thinking simply by trying something new. You’ll learn to appreciate what this great world has to offer you. You once again will realize the liveliness of cities, the calmness of nature, the kindness of so many people, and the overall magnificence of the world.

So, pick a place. A place you’ve never been too. A place that’s been on your bucket list for years.

A place where maybe you have some friends, or maybe where you have none at all. Decide on a few things you’d like to see or do, but spread them out along the entirety of the trip. Leave time for walking around and exploring without any set destination. Meet up with that friend, of a friend, of a friend at the bar down the street. Ask to play in the pop-up beach volleyball game. Pay for that massage. Hike up that trail at the top of the mountain. And never, ever forget what an amazing place this is.

There is good in this world. You just need a reminder. We all do. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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