When You Fell Out Of Love With Me With No Warning

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I know you never wanted to be the cause of my sadness and I know that if you’re reading this, It will break your heart knowing how much pain you’ve caused me. So I apologize if the contents of this letter make you feel bad.

I did not write this letter to convince you to love me again, to be honest, I am not even sure as to why I am writing this letter but what I do know is, Some things need to be said.

Honestly, you broke me. You turned me into something I never thought I’d be. I always thought you brought out the best version of myself, but it turns out you could also unleash the worst in me as well.

I know we were only together for a year and a half, but you played a huge part in my life. I felt safe with you. During the time everything in my life seemed to fall apart, you were the only thing that I was sure of. I loved you with every ounce of me.

What about me?

What about what makes me happy?

I loved you so much that I forgot about myself. Now I realize that during our relationship all the decisions I made and all the plans I had included you. When deep down inside of me, I knew your decisions and plans excluded me. I was willing to sacrifice everything for our relationship. That is how much I loved you.

I always supported you in everything you did, even if that meant you taking a job halfway across the world, far away from me. Even from a distance, how I felt about you did not change. I changed my schedule to match yours even if that meant losing sleep just to talk to you.

It did not take long until our one-hour phone calls turned into one-minute conversations. It didn’t take long before you no longer called and not even bother to pick up the phone. It was so easy for you to forget about me and everything we had. When I’m at home figuring out where I went wrong.

I drowned myself in sorrow and cried myself to sleep. No one has never made me feel so worthless. I did whatever I could do to get my mind of you.

The worst part is you did not even respect me enough to provide me with an explanation. After giving you everything, my whole heart, my virginity, everything that mattered to me.

I gave you everything, you left me with nothing. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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