You Are Wild, Just Wild Enough For Me

Manik Rathee
Manik Rathee

You have this unnatural look in your eyes.
You always do.

You have always been a lion-eyed boy who tears up life
and love, but you do it so beautifully.
Sometimes I envy you.
You are the kind of reckless they warn young girls about.
The kind of reckless that entices me every time.

People think you are possessed but I know that your spirit is just
too wild for understanding.
No one can relate to you.
No one will be enough for you.
Not even me.

And you would think I would mind not being enough but I really don’t.
Because some soulmates are just not meant to be.
We are made from the same dust, shaped from the same star,
and when this world explodes I know we will drift back to each other.
You are my beginning and my end.
You live your life half in darkness and half in light,
and I still don’t know which version I like the best.

You’re the lone ranger always on the outskirts of my thoughts.
Always whispering in my ear.
You are both beloved and cursed.
You are this competing force and I never know what you’re truly fighting,

I only notice that you’re the victor of every battle.
I will claim you no matter how much you claw.

You might be a terror, but you are my terror
and I couldn’t tear myself away from you if I tried. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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