He Will Always Be My Heathcliff And I Will Always Be His Cathy

Destinies can be people too and I’ve known from day one that he was mine and I was his. He makes me feel like I exist and not only that but that I exist beautifully.

He connects me to the world, a world I’ve never understood or cared about before him.

I understand beauty and loyalty because of him and if he leaves me I’m sure that every good thing I understand would become a mystery again.

It’s not that I find my identity in him but that our identities have been crossed and woven together across space and time long ago. Our love is an unnamed constellation in the sky that the gods themselves designed in a time of pure love and beauty.

It’s as if I dreamed him up before I even existed.

In every life he has found me and helped me discover truth and laughter and love. I am no more myself than I am him. From the beginning he’s hypnotized me and convinced me to believe in him and believe in myself.

I trust him blindly, I know I do, but he will never lead me into troubled waters. I’ve known from the moment we met that our passion for one another precedes our self-concern.

Our love is pure and simple at its core. Jealousy, anger, doubt, betrayal; we’ve been through it all. In the end though all that matters is that feeling I get when I look into his eyes and see him looking back into mine. There isn’t a word for that kind of love yet.

We are young and vibrant, foolish and naïve lovers who don’t care about the envy or questions from others.

Things have not always been easy for us. This world was not meant for such infinite emotion and as such our love has almost been snuffed out like the wisps of a flame.

Other people they do not understand how such devotion between two people can exist. Many have asked why I love him so. At the end of the day he is just a man, right? Why do you dote on him as if he were an angel?

But I know who he is to me. He is my timeless king and I his queen.

We rule over one another like the sun and the moon. He is my fixed point, the axis on which I spin. What kind of person would I become without him? Every smile and every memory I have had that matter can be credited to him.

We were born to love each other and when those final days are upon us, whether we are together or apart, I know that our last visions will be of one another as we are now.

He will always be my Heathcliff and I will always be his Cathy.

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