This Is Why Your Fears Are Nothing To Be Ashamed Of 

Twenty20 / eybrusse
Twenty20 / eybrusse

Fear. An emotion that we all experience and yet deny.

No one really likes to talk about what scares them or why and for good reason I suppose. Fear is supposed to be weakness right? An admittance that you as a person are not strong and that you can be broken.

For me, fear has always been in the back of mind. I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t afraid of something. Of course my fear has evolved from monsters under my bed but nevertheless it has always been a part of me. The most constant thing in my life actually.

I’ve had a revelation, as of late.

Fear is not weakness, or at least it doesn’t have to be. Fear should unite us because it is an innately human characteristic. It’s just a part of existing. I’m not ashamed of my fears anymore and hiding them only makes me feel weaker.

Perhaps your fears are different than mine or maybe you and I, two strangers, are more alike than we think. In the end it doesn’t matter so long as there is respect for one another and honesty. So here are my authentic fears, the things that terrify me to my core, and I would love to know yours.

1. I’m afraid of wasting my youth.

2. I’m afraid of hurting others so I put their feelings above my own.

3. I’m afraid that when I get old I will forget the people I have loved.

4. I’m afraid to admit what I really want to do with my life.

5. I’m afraid of seeing my high school love because he’s moved on and it still hurts.

6. I’m afraid that my dad will live the rest of his life alone.

7. I’m afraid that people will never take me seriously.

8. I’m afraid that all my bad habits will stick.

9. I’m afraid I’ll never be able to say “I Love You” to a man and deeply mean it.

10. I’m afraid of always being a second choice.

11. I’m afraid of being unnoticed and eventually forgotten.

12. I’m afraid of being controlled.

13. I’m afraid of turning into everything I hate.

14. I’m afraid that shutting people out will always be my default.

15. I’m afraid of emptiness. An empty heart, an empty home, an empty life.

16. I’m afraid of always being afraid of something and missing out because of that fear. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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