I’m A Woman, And I’m Afraid Of Women’s Equality

Sarah Swinton
Sarah Swinton

I’m a woman, and I’m scared of women’s equality. I know, I know; but hear me out.

Don’t get me wrong, I DO believe we are equal and I DO believe in my heart we should be treated as such. But…if I’m being honest I’m truly scared of this happening. But I also understand my view is skewed as a white American, fairly paid, accomplished woman in the historically male-dominated advertising industry.

You see, being a woman gives you an edge.

As in, you defeated the odds — so you must be really good. Being a woman makes you a novelty…and that’s pretty cool.

And it’s a novelty I don’t want to give up.

Sometimes I wonder if being a woman has made things easier for me personally. I get more recognition for being a woman who’s made it big because let’s face it, there’s a lower expectation. I don’t think many women take the time to appreciate what being the “underdog” has given us — and how truly different life would be for us if we were treated as complete equals. I mean, there are countless prestigious women only events, conferences and awards. And a ton of articles featuring the top professional women in different industries, etc.

For example, a female CEO is newsworthy — whereas a male CEO isn’t anything that’s talked about in the same admirable vein. And you know what? I like to be talked about. And being a woman gives me a better chance at that.

Being a woman knocks me down and gives me a crutch all at the same time. It’s part of my professional identity and current plan for success. And equality could screw that up for me (again, this doesn’t mean I don’t believe equality is right or that we should stop fighting for it).

Do these thoughts make me a coward or simply honest? I’d say a bit of both. But they’re my thoughts, and I’m standing by them. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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