4 Areas You Owe It To Yourself To Improve In 2018

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Alexandru Zdrobau

It’s time to stop thinking negatively about your life. Things like job dissatisfaction, financial headache, and poor relationships will consume you if you let them.

What if I told you that you can achieve a happier and healthier life without a plan!?

Without even knowing what your next step is, there is a way to achieve your potential.

Sure goals and plans are great and they work for many people, even myself at times. But what about the people it didn’t work for? The ones who made plans and set goals but never reached them – This is for YOU!

If you want to level up this year, then skip the plans and just start. It’s called an investment. Invest in yourself so that you can grow into the person you want to be. Each and every investment increases you a level up towards your true potential.

Here’s your answer:

Start by putting in the work. I am not talking about the kind of work that you will dread doing. This kind of work is fun because it’s all about YOU. Being selfish is a necessity to level up. You cannot achieve the things you want if you don’t put in the work.

Selfish work consists of mind gains, physical training, financial understanding, and spiritual soundness. I have made a few suggestions on how to invest in yourself below:

1. Mindset.

Find a non-fiction book and a podcast. For me I started with The Power of Now and The Strengths Finder 2.0. There is a lot to be said for this bullet but to keep it simple find at least one book and TWO podcasts that are related to something you like…Not what’s trending or seems like a thing you should do, but more like what you would wanna do. As humans we should continue to learn as much as we can. So feed that brain. Knowledge is Power. And you need that power to level up this year. Some podcasts that I’ve enjoyed are Bucci Radio, The MFCEO Project, Rich Bitch, and Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations. You can start with any of these and figure out what style of podcast suits you best. The podcast is more or less a tool to inspire you to do the thing you are passionate about. Listen long enough and you will find that motivation.

2. Body Image.

It’s important. You will find most successful people are also fit. Fitness opens up a whole new mindset. You will be more awake, happier and confident in your own skin. With those three qualities you can conquer the world, bet! I know that it’s hard to start but that is key with this one. Look to a magazine with a cover that catches your eye or go to someone you currently follow on Instagram and find out what they are doing. Try that thing. If it doesn’t work for you, try the next thing. Personally I love Soul Cycle. I don’t recommend doing it often but it’s a sure fire way to spark that fitness bug in you when you need it.

3. Bank Account.

If you don’t know how to manage your money, LEARN. Here is a link to the Top 10 Personal Finance Books. Don’t sit there and try to think of a master plan on how you are going to make more money or find a new job… That will come. Once you begin putting in the work things will start aligning for you. That’s not to say you shouldn’t have a job. Please do. I have always had 2-3 jobs at a time, even now as an active duty military veteran I work numerous side gigs. I don’t want to have 2-3 jobs the rest of my life, so I am putting in the work to get to a level where I don’t have to.

4. Spirituality.

Have morals. As a writer, I avoid pushing any kind of spiritual or religious views because that’s not my MO. Be nice and love your neighbor, but love you first. You cannot love others if you don’t know how to love yourself…and if you struggle with self-love that will come…Leveling up this year will unfold many fortunes for you guaranteed.

By investing in yourself, it will help you achieve your potential. The Universe has a way of giving to those who want it the most. Work SO hard that the Universe knows exactly what you want. An idea in your head isn’t enough. As mentioned before, you don’t have to know what it is that you want or a plan. The investment in yourself alone will attract what’s right for you.

You say you want to have financial freedom, healthier relationships, and a better looking body but you don’t hustle for it, then you will NEVER achieve those things.

Now it’s time to work.

Opportunity will meet you halfway. Opportunity looks for those are ready. As you work on your next level, I hope you see your potential. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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