Grace Is The Genesis Of Gratitude

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Every so often life blindsides us with critical mass moments, clotheslining and steamrolling us into submission. During these times of ruin and vulnerability, within reconciling the anguish and dysfunction, we can best define our opportunities for growth. When we venture to lift ourselves back up through self-compassion and resilience; it’s the crossroads where we can fully realize the focal concept of grace.

Grace is the exercise of loving ourselves or individuals during some of our least lovable chapters. It is rooted in the principle that we are all imperfect. We are all damaged, sometimes unable to prevent oneself from producing chaos and fuckery. It does not mean justifying corrupt behavior, nor that it is defensible. It means acknowledging and being transparent about our shared brokenness is one of the highest forms of absolution we can offer ourselves and others. To grasp we are not responsible for all the hurt that happens to us but we are responsible for our long-term commitment to healing. And how healing impacts others and our existence in this world.

Once we fully discern the tremendous power of grace, we can then experience and share true gratitude. Gratitude is the quality of being thankful, a readiness to show appreciation and to return kindheartedness. Gratitude is the feeling of joy we feel towards somebody that shows us some undeserved or unmerited kindness.

It’s in learning this symbiosis, we fully fathom that learning grace is the genesis of gratitude. Leaving parts of our heart and soul altered fundamentally with the greater sovereignty of self, permitting us to see the world with newer gracious and grateful eyes continually.

Grace imparts clemency with miscommunications and  blunders. Gratitude values the relationships of care between beings above all else.

Grace clarifies that depth isn’t exclusively created by enduring pain, that suffering doesn’t always equal infinite wisdom, that abiding angst doesn’t allow us to comprehend the lessons better. Gratitude reminds us to live focused on what connects us through care, more than what divides us through difference.

Grace imparts the power of unconditional care, as it fosters growth, yet nurtures safe space, sometimes clarifying the need for change. Gratitude embraces the rarity of souls that forge a subtle occupation of portions of our heart augmenting our consciousness.

Grace emphasizes that healthy love should not destroy, it should change us for the better by bringing out our best, not metastasizing our worst; illuminating life, more than it burdens our journey. Gratitude offers thanks to these guideposts that prevent us from squandering our potential.

Grace elucidates other’s testimony about calamity in life, as retelling the history of scars teaches us. Gratitude heightens awareness to individuals that make our earth shift on its axis, uplifting and expanding our existence.

Grace admits that occasionally we need to allow ourselves to love against reason, as every now and then those experiences change everything. Gratitude bestows that one of the greatest cascading legacies we can leave is that of love and kindness through inspiring hope in others, as courage is contagious.

Grace prompts us to not live small by exercising full dominion over our lives, as hiding from others or ourselves to make less discomfort, only obstructs residing in the authenticity that our souls crave. Gratitude reaffirms to be generous with our words and actions, as marginalizing and devaluing others will never make us feel like more or placate our brokenness.

Grace strengthens the transparency that our mess needs to be our message. Gratitude reminds us to strive for and celebrate progress, as it is more impactful than attaining perfection.

Grace comprehends that the unraveling of all the wrongs was necessary to encounter a few miraculous rights. Gratitude recollects each day is a new opportunity to choose the filter by which we can absorb life.

Grace asserts that failures are just as significant as the successes, we don’t always get do-overs, that mulligans are part of messing up. Gratitude underscores the need to find joy in the reinvention of self and the rewritings of our story. To be open, present and ready for life’s greatest moments, allowing them to fill us up.

Grace illustrates that crap doesn’t happen in a vacuum, we are all dealers of some bad decks and the receivers of some shit sandwiches; that broken is not bad, wounded is not wrong. Gratitude welcomes us to be driven by our passions, in place of paralyzed by inhibitions and fears; catalyzed upward by reflection, not in circles by rumination.

Grace illuminates that life’s acrimonious irony can be equal parts bitter and beautiful. That there is a fine line between badass and crazy pants, tread thoughtfully. Gratitude gravitates us all toward people that illuminate our journey and help us to vibrate higher.

Grace legitimizes that for every mountain we climb, it cultivates a broader perspective and expands our view to newer horizons, taking greater stock in our own quality of life. Gratitude awakens us not to allow misfortune to overshadow happiness. Just because it didn’t appear to be the present you wanted, doesn’t mean you didn’t receive a gift you so desperately needed.

Grace empowers us to everlastingly trust that wither; it’s the rising of another moon or the dawning of a new day, the light will always be one thing that binds us. It’s within that light that we can perpetually find moments of awe that reignite our Gratitude. TC mark

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