Why Beautiful Women Have Such A Hard Time Finding Real Love

beautiful woman
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When women look in the mirror they don’t just see how pretty they look like after they’ve done their makeup and how pretty their outfit look on them; they see who they are as a whole being. Most men never really tend to see the beauty within you because they’re so focused on how gorgeous and cool you seem to be when they first met you or when you hang out.

You see, people tend to get attracted to beautiful things. A beautiful woman to a man is like an example of how a woman loves bling and sparkly jewelries, however there will always be another one that’s more expensive and prettier. Physical attraction is one thing but some people often mistake lust for love and that’s where mishaps begin. Some days a man makes you feel like he loves you because he makes you feel special and he keeps on blabbing about how sexy and beautiful you are and how happy you make him feel but then, when you’re finally together and he’s getting to know another side of you because you’re starting to show him a side of you that the world doesn’t see he ends up getting fucked up and some even just bail on you without a word when he finds it hard to accept your messed up, dark; ugly side because he’s got no balls to really love someone like you.

He ends up making you feel as though you’re lacking; he’s starting to cheat on you; you begin to lose your self-esteem because he found a prettier bling he’d like to acquire. And because some dickhead is not strong enough to handle your hang-ups in life, you begin to doubt yourself. You lose your ability to trust yourself when it comes to love and you end up wondering why you keep on attracting douche bags?

Well here’s why.

Because shallow men only look at how a woman looks like and not who they are as a person.

That’s why most beautiful women often ask themselves if there’s something wrong with them, because most of the time the men they date hardly ever take them seriously. Some women are likely to fall for sugary sweet bullcraps of men they encounter so you must be wary about these types of men and don’t fall for the shitty charms that they show you. Most men get attracted at how sexy a woman’s body is, or how beautiful their face look, or how smooth and flawless their skin feels. Very few tend really to dig deep within. Try showing a man some of your ugly side when they show interest in you, that’s when the real deal begins. Sometimes you gotta take a mask off so you’d get a man unmask himself of his true intentions because you deserve better.

However a man reacts when you take a mask off; don’t ever keep a blind eye on unpleasant response when you do so just because you seem to like him and keep in mind that there is nothing wrong with you because the problem lies within those men themselves.

Never let a man’s poor judgment make you think any less about yourself.

Keep doing your best, look the best you can, be the most beautiful you could ever be inside and out but don’t be afraid to show some ugly parts of you as well. No one is perfect no matter how beautiful a person is. If possible avoid wearing masks because you don’t need it.

A real man will accept every bit of who you are if his intentions are good.

Never settle for a love you don’t deserve and the right person might just come knocking on your doorstep when you least expect it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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