Loving You Is Like Trying To Pin Down A Star

Nathan Anderson / Unsplash

This could be absolutely nothing.
This could be absolutely everything.
And the sole distinction between the two –
Is the absence or presence of you.

You came into my life as I imagine new galaxies form –
Poetically, majestically and out of the blue.
I now realize that my carefully laid out future plans were cursed that day –
By your genuine intentions and your stellar smile.
My composure itself grew weak at the knees,
And I fell in love as thoughtlessly as reckless teenagers do.
Whatever control I had left on my heart absentmindedly gave itself away,
To the hope that you might stay a while.

But if you must leave my world –
Leave with no less of a bang than dying stars do.
If you must leave, then leave proudly, leave loudly –
Exit with a celestial projection grander than anything this world has ever seen.
Leave me memories from which I can continue to draw light from,
Long after I have forgotten what it felt like to be held by you.
At the very least, dare not leave without a backward glance;
If not to see my face once more – then in acknowledgment of what we could have been.

They say everything in this world happens for a reason but I am not convinced,
And I will not pretend that I have an idea of what led to both our worlds becoming synced.
Call it luck or chance or a sheer mistake;
Say what led us here were our lessons learned or our past heartbreaks.
And maybe we were simply written in the stars,
But who’s to know and who’s to say?
I care not why and where we came from;
Now that we’re both here – my world, my love

Please Stay. TC mark

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