My Final Farewell To The College Life That Taught Me So Much


I knew I’d make my way to you one day. I had seen you in movies and formulated my own conceptions of what you would be like. I constantly heard of you through mutual friends and their stories of you. They said that you were going to be a breath of fresh air, different from anything else I had known. They said that you would help me find myself; that you would teach me independence.

So I got to know you.

Our first six months were a little rocky. You weren’t quite what I expected, but I found my feet soon enough and I decided that I liked you. I liked that you were my choice; a decision that I had made for myself. I liked that you let me be myself; that you taught me fascinating things, complex theories that would prove handy.

But there were times when you weren’t so likeable. I hated our 8am early morning encounters and the lectures delivered in monotonous syllables that seemed to last the whole day. I hated the long public transport trips in peak hour that I had to endure to get to you and back home. I hated the loud rustling of revision papers in the hallways of the exam rooms and the cold silence that hit you when you entered.

There were times you kept me up at night; nights that I stayed up trying to add to or cut down sentences to meet the word counts. There were times I thought you unfair; when you forced me to work with people that simply weren’t ideal group members for heavily weighted assignments. There were other times for which I am grateful; through you I met people with whom I’ve forged the greatest friendships. You gave me beautiful gifts; memorable times with great friends that I will treasure forever.

It has been one exciting, beautiful, stressful, intense and overall enjoyable ride. And it has been great getting to know you over the course of these four years. But our time together has come to an undeniable end and it is now my time to move on. So thank you, for helping me find my path. Thank you for helping me edge a little closer to being grown up. I won’t be forgetting you anytime soon; at least not until I’ve paid the degree off!

For now, this is me saying goodbye.

And as I throw my graduation hat to the wind and stride off into my debt ridden sunset, I’ll be thinking of the great times I’ve had with you. So goodbye! Don’t miss me too much.

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