If My Life Is ‘The Titanic’, I Will Never Let Go Of My Leonardo DiCaprio

Wikimedia / The Titanic (1997)
Wikimedia / The Titanic (1997)

If our love is the Titanic, and we were Rose and Jack, I would never let go.

My old fashioned heart refuses to believe in letting go. I’m not ignorant of the fact that sometimes one must let go, in order to thrive, to live, to survive. But surely, not when it comes to love. Surely not when it comes to the one you love. And so that scene in Titanic has really stuck with me over the years. It still bothers me that Rose lets go of Jack and loses him to the depths of the ocean. I would never have let go of my Leonardo DiCaprio.

I will never let go of you.

Our love is the Titanic, a ship beautifully carved and etched with dreams and hopes for a future; a future over the course of which I want for us to sail the seven seas side by side. And at the helm of our oversized love boat, do not doubt that we will fly.

We invested too much of our time, too much of our blood, our sweat and our tears to not have complete faith in this vessel as being indestructible.

We wore our hearts on our rolled up sleeves as we worked side by side to build our ship, to construct our love. And we created this beautiful thing.

This beautiful cliché that I doubt anyone understands better than us.

So let the icebergs litter our path. Let life rain down on us in icy flakes, let it send the howling winds our way. Our love is more than the wood and the welded pieces of metal we salvaged to build this ship. Our love has us believing we can conquer all. We sail an unsinkable ship.

And if we don’t. If the tempest life sends our way should break apart our love; should unforeseen winds toss our love to the waves, I will go down with this ship. I will not wash up ashore without you.

So when it’s me and you out there;
Lost somewhere in the coldest shades of blue.
When it’s us out there;
Somewhere where the sky meets the sea
Know that I will not let go;
I will hold on till the very end.

I am not Rose.
And you are not Jack .
And I will never let go.
I will hold on till the very end. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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